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The Ida Mann 2020 special issue: Vision scientists breaking the glass ceiling

This special edition is celebrating some of the leading female vision scientists worldwide

The Ida Mann 2020 special issue is now out and looks superb, with some very high quality papers. This issue is a tribute to Professor Dame Ida Caroline Mann, a distinguished ophthalmologist recognised for her inspiring work on embryology and development of the eye, as well as genetic and social influences on eye diseases. She was awarded a personal Chair from the University of Oxford, UK in 1945, the first woman to receive a professorship at Oxford. Thanks for all the huge efforts from feature issue editors (and OPO board members) Shahina Pardhan, Ruth van Nispen, Laura Downie, Jason Porter and Ben Thompson.

Please pass this table of contents to colleagues who would be interested and note that all papers are either open access or free access.

  1. Issue Information

    • Pages: i-iv | First Published: 23 March 2020

  2. Editorial
    The Ida Mann 2020 special issue: Vision scientists breaking the glass ceiling

    • Shahina Pardhan, Ben Thompson, Laura E. Downie, Jason Porter, Ruth M.A. van Nispen
    • Pages: 61-65 | First Published: 23 March 2020

  3. Invited Review
    Milestones in the fight to eliminate trachoma

    • Sheila K West
    • Pages: 66-74 | First Published: 03 February 2020

  4. Feature Issue Articles
    VioBio lab adaptive optics: technology and applications by women vision scientists

    • Susana Marcos, Clara Benedí-García, Sara Aissati, Ana M Gonzalez-Ramos, Carmen M Lago, Aiswaryah Radhkrishnan, Mercedes Romero, Shrilekha Vedhakrishnan, Lucie Sawides, Maria Vinas
    • Pages: 75-87 | First Published: 08 March 2020

  5. Open Access
    Cones in ageing and harsh environments: the neural economy hypothesis

    • Ann E Elsner, Joel A Papay, Kirby D Johnston, Lucie Sawides, Alberto de Castro, Brett J King, Durand W Jones, Christopher A Clark, Thomas J Gast, Stephen A Burns
    • Pages: 88-116 | First Published: 04 February 2020

  6. Ageing elevates peripheral spatial suppression of motion regardless of divided attention

    • Soa Park, Bao N Nguyen, Allison M McKendrick
    • Pages: 117-127 | First Published: 20 February 2020

  7. Invited Reviews
    Contribution of microglia and monocytes to the development and progression of age related macular degeneration

    • Erica L Fletcher
    • Pages: 128-139 | First Published: 04 February 2020

  8. Open Access
    Risk factors for progression of age-related macular degeneration

    • Thomas J Heesterbeek, Laura Lorés-Motta, Carel B Hoyng, Yara T E Lechanteur, Anneke I den Hollander
    • Pages: 140-170 | First Published: 25 February 2020

  9. Open Access
    Reading in the presence of macular disease: a mini-review

    • Susana T L Chung
    • Pages: 171-186 | First Published: 11 January 2020

  10. Nighttime driving: visual, lighting and visibility challenges

    • Joanne M Wood
    • Pages: 187-201 | First Published: 25 December 2019

  11. Feature Issue Article
    Three-year observation of children 12 to 35 months old with untreated intermittent exotropia

    • Susan A Cotter, Brian G Mohney, Danielle L Chandler, Jonathan M Holmes, David K Wallace, B Michele Melia, Rui Wu, Raymond T Kraker, Rosanne Superstein, Eric R Crouch, Evelyn A Paysse, on behalf of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group
    • Pages: 202-215 | First Published: 23 March 2020

  12. Invited Review
    The association between digital screen time and myopia: A systematic review

    • Carla Lanca, Seang-Mei Saw
    • Pages: 216-229 | First Published: 13 January 2020

  13. Feature Issue Articles
    Myopia management in the Netherlands

    • Caroline Klaver, Jan Roelof Polling, Erasmus Myopia Research Group
    • Pages: 230-240 | First Published: 23 March 2020

  14. The risk of vision loss in contact lens wear and following LASIK

    • Yvonne Tzu-Ying Wu, Arthur Ho, Thomas Naduvilath, Chris Lim, Nicole Carnt, Lisa J Keay, Katie P Edwards, Fiona Stapleton
    • Pages: 241-248 | First Published: 09 January 2020

Original Publication:

Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics
Volume 40, Issue 2
The Ida Mann 2020 special issue
Pages: i-iv, 61-248
March 2020
Issue Edited by: Shahina Pardhan, Ben Thompson, Laura Downie, Jason Porter, Ruth van Nispen