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International Forum for Exchange

70 years ago, the founders had a dream – and that dream endures in the scientists and Nobel Laureates of the future.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings – established in 1951 – provide a globally recognised forum for exchange between Nobel Laureates and young scientists.

They inspire scientific generations and build sustainable networks of young scientists around the world. The original idea of the meetings goes back to the two Lindau physicians Dr. Franz Karl Hein and Professor Dr. Gustav Wilhelm Parade as well as Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg, a member of the Swedish royal family who quickly became the spiritus rector of the Lindau Meetings. It was them who recognised very early the significance of the meetings for the reconciliation of the people of post-war Europe and thus systematically developed them to an international forum for the exchange of knowledge between nations, cultures and disciplines.

For 70 years, we pursue our mission:

  • Educate.
  • Inspire.
  • Connect.

The Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings was founded in 1954, three years after the first Lindau Meeting, to secure their existence and shape their future development. Count Lennart Bernadotte, one of the three founders of the meetings, became the first president of the Council.

The purpose of the Council is to organise the annual meetings on the basis of an elaborate scientific programme. This includes the establishment and maintenance of close relations with scientific partners worldwide.

The Council will ensure that eligible and qualified young scientists get the chance to participate in the Lindau Meetings. In this regard, the Council is also responsible for the acquisition of financial means for organising the meetings – in close collaboration with the Foundation. The Council maintains an executive secretariat in Lindau.

Bringing Science to Society

With more opportunities and channels for communication, scientists today are in closer contact with the public than at any other period. At the same time, there is a substantial and growing amount of public disagreement about basic scientific facts. Against this backdrop, the Council and the Foundation feel committed to share the enthusiasm that characterises the annual encounters between Nobel Laureates and young scientists with the general public.

It is an integral part of the mission of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings to reach out beyond the meetings at Lindau and involve society at large in the dialogue on the importance of education, science and research. Their leitmotif “Educate. Inspire. Connect.” pervades their diverse outreach projects, in the local and the digital spheres, for instance the recent broadcast of their events – by invitation only to the circle of participants in the Lindau Meetings, young scientists, young economists and Nobel Laureates.

The Lindau Blog features exciting topics related to science and research. You will find articles on new scientific findings, reports by alumni about their Lindau experiences, interviews with young scientists or young economists about their work as well as texts by researchers, which they contribute as guest authors.

To enhance outreach the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings developed the Mission Education programme to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Their educational outreach activities aim to share the archived knowledge of the Lindau Mediatheque with pupils, students and generally interested laypersons. Much of the material is well-suited for use in schools. To meet the rising demand for teaching and didactic material, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings keep expanding this educational section based on the discoveries of Nobel Laureates.

Finally, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings depend on the vital function of the media to communicate the scientific debate in Lindau, as well as the debate about science itself, from here to their target groups all over the world.

We simply cannot afford to not keep the conversation going.

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