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The Young Researcher Vision Camp

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The Young Researcher Vision Camp 2010 took place at Castle Wildenstein from June 25th – June 27th and had an overwhelming resonance within the community.

Voices to the "Young Researcher Vision Camp 2010"

“I expected that it would be good but it was excellent!” [KB]

“It was a pleasure and an honour! From my point of view it was a great success! A lot of networking and good science talks in a very inspiring atmosphee !” [SH]

“I hope there will be continuation which I would be more than happy to participate in.” [AP]

"It's good to hear young researchers speak for a change instead of the Silverbacks"; [SM]

“The tenure of the questions, the size of the group and the very high quality of young researchers (these will be the leaders of the future in ophthalmic research and care provision) was outstanding.” [CS]

“The Vision Camp was great, and I enjoyed it very much.” [EK]