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Jan Wijnholds

Short CV

1991 PhD at Groningen University
1992-1995 Postdoc at Max Planck Institute (Göttingen)
1995-2000 Postdoc at Netherlands Cancer Institute
2000- PI at Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute
2002-2005 Coordinator FP5 Crumbs Therapeutics
2006- PI at Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
2008-2012 Coordinator FP7 Crumbs In Sight


CV of Jan Wijnholds [pdf]

Scientifc Interest

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa / Leber congenital amaurosis
  • Elucidation function of Crumbs protein complex
  • Mechanism of Photoreceptor – Müller glia adhesion
  • Gene Therapy, Progenitor cell transplantation
  • MAGUK proteins and channels/receptors at the PRC synapse


  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
  • International Society for Ocular Cell Biology (ISOCB)
  • European BioSafety Action (EBSA)
  • Netherlands Society for Gene Therapy (NVGT)
Jan Wijnholds
Jan Wijnholds

Research Group

Neuromedical Genetics


Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN)
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Meibergdreef 47
1105 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-5664597
Fax: +31-20-5666121

Email: j.wijnholds[at]

Key Publications

  1. Van de Pavert,S.A., Sanz Sanz,A., Aartsen,W.M., Vos,R.M., Versteeg,I., Beck,S.C., Klooster,J., Seeliger,M.W., and Wijnholds,J.
    Crb1 is a determinant of retinal apical Mueller glia cell features. (2007)
    Glia 55(14):1486-97.
  2. Van de Pavert,S.A., Meuleman,J., Malysheva,A., Aartsen, W.M., Versteeg,I., Tonagel, T., Kamphuis, W., McCabe, C.J., Seeliger,M.W., and Wijnholds,J.
    A single amino acid substitution (Cys249Trp) in the sixth epidermal growth factor (EGF) domain of Crb1 causes retinal degeneration and deregulates expression of Pituitary tumor transforming gene 1 (Pttg1). (2007)
    J. Neurosci., 27:564-573.
  3. Gavarini,S., Becamel,C., Altier,C., Lory,P., Poncet,J., Wijnholds,J., Bockaert,J., and Marin,P.
    Opposite effects of PSD-95 and MPP3 PDZ proteins on serotonin 5-HT2C receptor desensitization and membrane stability. (2006)
    Mol. Biol. Cell, 17: 4619-4631.
  4. van Rossum,A.G., Aartsen,W.M., Meuleman,J., Klooster,J., Malysheva,A., Versteeg,I., Arsanto,J.-P., Le Bivic,A., and Wijnholds,J.
    Pals1/Mpp5 is required for correct localization of Crb1 at the sub-apical region in polarized Müller glia cells. (2006)
    Hum. Mol. Genet., 15:2659-72.
  5. Richard,M., Roepman,R., Aartsen,W.M., van Rossum,A.G., den Hollander,A.I., Knust,E., Wijnholds,J., and Cremers,F.P.
    Towards understanding CRUMBS function in retinal dystrophies. (2006)
    Hum. Mol. Genet., 15: R235-R243.
  6. Aartsen,W.M., Kantardzhieva,A., Klooster, J., van Rossum,A.G. van de Pavert,S.A., Versteeg,I., Nunes Cardozo,B., Tonagel,F., Beck,S.C., Tanimoto,N., Seeliger,M.W., and Wijnholds,J.
    Mpp4 recruits Psd95 and Veli3 towards the photoreceptor synapse. (2006)
    Hum. Mol. Genet., 15:1291-302.
  7. Kantardzhieva,A., Alexeeva,S., Versteeg,I., and Wijnholds,J.
    MPP3 is recruited to the MPP5 protein scaffold at the retinal outer limiting membrane. (2006)
    FEBS J. 273:1152-1165.
  8. Michel,D., Arsanto,J.P., Massey-Harroche,D., Beclin,C., Wijnholds,J., and Le Bivic,A.
    PATJ connects and stabilizes apical and lateral components of tight junctions in human intestinal cells. (2005)
    J.Cell Sci. 118:4049-57.
  9. Kantardzhieva,A., Gosens,I., Alexeeva,S., Punte,I.M., Versteeg,I., Krieger,E., Neefjes-Mol,C.A., den Hollander,A.I., Letteboer,S.J.F., Klooster,J., Cremers,F.P.M., Roepman,R. and Wijnholds,J.
    MPP5 recruits MPP4 to the CRB1 complex in photoreceptors. (2005)
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 46:2192-201.
  10. van de Pavert,S., Kantardzhieva,A., Malysheva,A., Meuleman,J., Versteeg,I., Levelt,C., Klooster,J., Geiger,S., Seeliger,M., Rashbass,P., Le Bivic,A., and Wijnholds,J.
    Crumbs homologue 1 is required for maintenance of photoreceptor cell polarization and adhesion during light exposure. (2004)
    J. Cell Sci. 117, 4169-4177.

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