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Section of Neurobiology of the Eye

Research Group of Prof. Dr. Frank Schaeffel in Tübingen, Germany


  • gene microarrays,
  • animal models,
  • physiological optics (gaze photorefraction,
  • eye tracking,
  • photokeratometry,
  • low coherence interferometry),
  • psychophysics,
  • drug screenings,
  • immunohistochemitry,
  • laser microdissection,
  • extracellular multielectrode-recording from retina in vitro


Cooperation 1:
Pablo Artal, Murcia, Spain

Cooperation 2:
Jez Guggenheim, Cardiff, UK

Cooperation 3:
Howard Howland, Ithaca, USA

Cooperation 4:
Josh Wallman, New York, USA

Cooperation 5:
Robert W Williams, Menmphis, USA

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Frank Schaeffel

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University Clinics Tuebingen
Centre for Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmic Research,
Section of Neurobiology of the Eye

Prof. Frank Schaeffel
Calwerstrasse 7/1
D-72076 Tuebingen


Phone: +49-7071-2980739
Fax: +49-7071-295196


Current Research Projects

Project 1:
gene expression during myopia development

Project 2:
role of insulin and glucagon in eye growth control

Project 3:
peripheral optics of the eye

Project 4:
contrast adaptation during defocus

Project 5:
microarray recordings from ganglion cells during imposed defocus

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