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European innovation scoreboard

The European innovation scoreboard provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they need to address.

The 2019 edition of the scoreboard highlights that the EU's innovation performance continues to improve. Compared to last year, innovation performance improved for 24 EU countries and the growth rate of lower-performing countries compared to higher-performing countries has accelerated. Since 2011, the EU's average innovation performance has increased by 8.8 percentage points.

The EU’s performance has surpassed the United States for the first time and has a considerable lead over Brazil, India, Russia, and South Africa. However, China is catching up at 3 times the EU's innovation performance growth rate and Canada, Australia, Japan, maintain a performance lead over the EU. 

Within the EU, innovation performance increased in 25 countries since 2011. Sweden is the 2019 EU innovation leader, followed by Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Lithuania, Greece, Latvia, Malta, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and the Netherlands are the fastest growing innovators.
The 2019 edition follows the methodology of the 2018 edition. However, results should not be compared across editions due to data revisions. Time series using the most recent data allow performance to be tracked over time.

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