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Neuromedical Genetics

Research group of Dr. Jan Wijnholds in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The research team studies the role of the Crumbs (CRB) protein complex in preventing onset of Retinitis Pigmentosa and Leber congenital amaurosis. Loss of CRB1 protein results in loss of adhesion between Müller glia cells and photoreceptors. The physiological and cell biological roles of members of the  CRB complex are studied. The team develops AAV gene therapy for clinical use, and explores retinal progenitor cell transplantation to test its suitability for future clinical use.


  • Gene Therapy,
  • AAV, Adeno-Associated-Virus,
  • Gene silencing
  • Conditional knock-out, knock-in and knock-down mice
  • Scanning-laser-ophthalmoscopy (SLO),
  • Biochemistry


Cooperation 1:
Crumbs In Sight

Cooperation 2:
André Le Bivic

Cooperation 3:
Mathias Seeliger

Cooperation 4:
Frans Cremers

Cooperation 5:

Group Leader

Dr. Jan Wijnholds

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Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN)
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Meibergdreef 47
1105 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-5664597
Fax: +31-20-5666121

Email: j.wijnholds[at]

Current Research Projects

Project 1:
Gene therapy to fight Leber congenital amaurosis due to loss of CRB1 function

Project 2:
Generation and analysis of retinas and other tissues lacking a functional Crb3 and Crb1 gene

Project 3:
Generation and analysis of retinas and other tissues lacking a functional Pals1 gene

Project 4:
Studying establishment and maintenance of Müller glia cell – photoreceptor interaction, and development of Müller glia progenitor cell therapy

Project 5:
Stress-inducible AAV6-mediated neurotrophic factor therapy for Crumbs-related eye diseases

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