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Ocular Surface Research Group (OSG)

The OSG is composed by 12 full-time persons: 2 ophthalmologists (with PhD titles), 6 PhD (3 biologists, 2 biochemists, 1 immunologist, 1 optometrist), 3 technicians, and 1 administrative manager. There are several predoctoral students (9 at present), 2 clinical fellows, and 3 ophthalmology residents involved in research projects.

Our group maintains activities in the three fields that define the overall activity of our Institution:

  1. Academic activities: several members are involved in teaching at Medical School, Optometry School, and in the continuing medical education program for Ophthalmology residents, physicians, and nurses. The vast majority of our teaching is in the PhD Program in Visual Sciences and the Clinical fellowship in Ocular Surface and Immunology.
  2. Clinical activites. The two ophthalmologists and one optometrist coordinate the Ocular Immunology Clinical Unit and the Contactology Unit, respectively. Importantly, one of our ophthalmologist is uncharged of the Ocular Surface Reconstruction Unit, where clinical trials on cell therapy are starting at present
  3. Research. The main activity of our OSG, divided into the following research lines:

    1. Inflammation (allergy, dry eye, uveitis)
    2. Ocular surface reconstruction by tissue engineering and cell therapy
    3. Nanotherapy for ocular inflammation

Group Leader

Margarita Calonge
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University of Valladolid

IOBA (Institute of Applied Ophthalmobiology)
Campus Miguel Delibes
Camino del Cementerio s/n
47011 Valladolid

Phone: +34983184750
Fax: +34983184762




  • Environmental Chamber for human studies under controlled environmental conditions
  • In vitro models of inflammation (especially with epithelial cells)
  • Analysis of human samples by molecular biology techniques, multianalyte system, and flow cytometry

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1
    Allergan Inc, USA
  • Cooperation 2
    University College of London (Virginia Calder, PhD), UK
  • Cooperation 3
    Dpt of Pharmaceutical Technology (Maria J. Alonso), University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Cooperation 4
    Several groups on Biomaterials within the CIBER-BBN network
  • Cooperation 5
    IBGM, University of Valladolid
  • Tissue Bank, San Francisco Foundation, Leon, Spain

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Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    CB06/01/0003.CIBER (Centre “Bioengineering, Biomaterials y Nanomedicine”. Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Ministry of Health, Spain
  • Project 2:
    National Network on Cooperative Research in Health. Cell Therapy network. (TerCel), Ministry of Health, Spain
  • Project 3:
    Regional Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy, Junta Castilla y León, Spain

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