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Groningen Glaucoma Group

The research group is conducting research in the fields of physiological optics, epidemiology and perimetry. Optics includes psychophysics, contrast sensitivity related issues and theoretical work; epidemiology and perimetry are mainly directed towards glaucoma.

The final aim of the glaucoma research is to improve glaucoma care by contributing to the development of evidence-based, protocolised and tailor-made testing strategies for the detection and monitoring of glaucoma: what test should be performed when in which person and what should be done with the test result. Most data used in this branch are collected in the "Groningen Longitudinal Glaucoma Study", a longitudinal observational study with almost 1000 participants, begun in 2000.

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Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1
    University of Tuebingen (Prof. Dr U. Schiefer)
  • Cooperation 2
    Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (Dr J. Vingerling)
  • Cooperation 3
    Neuro Imaging Center Groningen (Dr F.W. Cornelissen)

Group Leader

Nomdo Marten Jansonius
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University Medical Center Groningen

Department of Ophthalmology
P.O.Box 30.001
9700 RB Groningen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 50 3612510
Fax: +31 50 3611709


Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    Progression detection in glaucoma - theoretical aspects
  • Project 2:
    Progression detection in glaucoma – new techniques
  • Project 3:
    Systemic medication and incident glaucoma
  • Project 4:
    Glaucoma screening
  • Project 5:
    Spherical aberration and contrast sensitivity
  • Project 6:
    Perimetry – scotoma localisation versus site of damage in the visual pathway

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