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Leeds Vision Research Group

  • Genetic and molecular analysis of inherited eye diseases in humans and animal models.
  • Specialise in analysis of recessive diseases in consanguineous families.
  • Specific interests in retinal dystrophies (RP, cone-rod dystrophy, LCA),
  • retinal vascular diseases (FEVR, ROP),
  • anterior segment abnormalities (PCG, keratoconus, CHED, microcornea/cataract),
  • optic atrophy,
  • foveal hypoplasia,
  • age-related macular dystrophy and strabismus.

Group Leader

Chris Inglehearn
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St James’s University Hospital

Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine
Section of Ophthalmology and Neuroscience

Level 8, Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
Beckett Street, Leeds
LS9 7TF Leeds
United Kingdom

Phone: 0113 343 8646
Fax: 0113 343 8603



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