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EVI-GenoRet Project successfully implemented

At the end of March 2009, after 4 years of EC support, the project ‘EVI-Genoret’ will be successfully implemented. EVI-Genoret was the largest consortium ever funded by the European Commission in the field of vision research.

The history of EVI-Genoret is quite long: at the beginning were other European projects like RETRAINET and PRO-AGE-RET, started during the 5th European Framework Program. These two progenitors have to be considered as the “intellectual” basis. The Integrated Project ‘EVI-GenoRet’ consisted of 25 distinct partners, spread all over Europe. The major aims were, to find a solution against retinal diseases caused by genetic mutations, and to understand their fundamental mechanisms. As Prof. Sahel (scientific coordinator of EVI-Genoret and director of the Institut de la Vision in Paris) mentioned in a recent interview:

“EVI-Genoret has played a clue role in structuring and promoting the European Vision Research Community” further, in his opinion EVI-Genoret represents an intermediate station and not a ‘destination that the European vision research has reached’.

The 4th annual and last meeting of the consortium will take place in Paris, 5-6 March 2009.

The main team players of the EVI-Genoret project:

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