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Cluster4eye is the Spanish national cluster of Ophtalmology and Vision Sciences. The aim of this organization is to encourage the research and development of the Spanish companies related to Vision Science and to promote cooperation and internationalization.

Cluster4eye comprises a group of partners: start up and spin-off companies, established companies, research organizations and Universities.

The main objectives are:

  • To motivate Spanish ophthalmic and vision science companies to perform research and development activities, and to encourage them through training, research and technology transfer actions. The goal is to create a highly competitive sector from a national and international point of view.
  • To promote the growth and competitiveness of the Spanish ophthalmic companies and their partners. The cluster will support partners development trying to increase their activity related to market, technology and professional growth.
  • To achieve a strong business sector able to compete within the international markets.
  • To promote a higher degree of globalization of the companies involed in this sector.

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