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The Winners of the Picture Competition 2018

First Place

Contributor: Angelos Rantis
Institution: Moorfields Eye Hospital
Country: Great Britain
Short Description: Fluorescein angiography shown as negative film to visualize the vascular anomaly in the temporal retina with a tractional schisis of the macula

Second Place

Contributor: Monika Müller
Institution: Universitätsklinik für Augenheilkunde Inselspital Bern
Country: Switzerland
Short Description: slit lamp picture of anterior synechiae retouched in photoshop

Third Place

Contributor: Hanen Khabou
Institution: Institut de la Vision, Paris
Country: France
Short Description: 'Foveal Firework' Cells bodies of cones are seen in the center of the photo while their axons project outwards radially, and naturally form this firework-like structure (40x objective, confocal microscopy). This image was obtained two months after injection of a viral vector delivered intravitreally and carrying a fluorescent gene reporter.

Fourth Place

Contributor: Johanna Meyer
Institution: University Eye Hospital Bonn
Country: Germany
Short Description: Overlay of a confocal image of the three retinal vascular plexus of the rat. The retinal flatmount was stained with isolectin B4 and the plexus were false color-coded (red: superficial vascular plexus, green: intermediate vascular plexus, blue: deep vascular plexus).

Fifth Place

Contributor: Christina Schwarz
Institution: Institute for Ophthalmic Research Tuebingen
Country: Germany
Short Description: Retinal imaging dreamscape Composite image showing the macaque retina in different modalities: Trees - Fluorescein Angiography revealing retinal vessels (in vivo) Meadows - Two-Photon Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy of the photoreceptor mosaic (in vivo) Mountains - Optical Coherence Tomography of the foveal pit (in vivo) Moon - Color Fundus Photograph (in vivo) Sky - Laser Scanning Microscopy of S cone outer segments in a retinal flat mount stained with S-opsin antibodies (ex vivo)

Sixth Place

Contributor: Mehrnaz Akhavan
Institution: Noor Eye Hospital
Country: Iran
Short Description: 22 years old woman with Corneal Vascularization (Fluorescein Angiography)

Seventh Place

Contributor: John Jerry Jaramillo
Institution: Moorfields Eye Hospital
Country: Great Britain
Short Description: Fundus photo showing Choroideremia

Eighth Place

Contributor: Khalid Aliyev
Institution: National Ophthalmology Institute named after acad. Z. Aliyeva
Country: Azerbaijan
Short Description: Heart of Retina (OCT macular hole)

Nineth Place

Contributor: Jodi Alexander
Institution: University of Liverpool
Country: Great Britain
Short Description: This image is of the ciliary body of the developing chicken eye (Gallus gallus domesticus) on embryonic day 14. Similarly to humans, in healthy adult chickens, the ciliary body is responsible for holding the lens in place, as well as aqueous humour production and outflow. In recent decades the use of the chick eye as a model for vision research has rapidly expanded to include studies in corneal disease, glaucoma, ocular cancer and retinal disease. The similarities between human and chicken eyes, combined with the ease of handling, low cost and fully sequenced genome will likely continue to progress the growing body of ocular research in the chick model.

Tenth Place

Contributor: Nicole Mantel
Institution: Inselspital Bern Augenpoliklinik
Country: Switzerland
Short Description: FLA imagination: "...when the eye insight inspires for far visions"