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2014 António Champalimaud Vision Award

The Champalimaud Foundation invites nominations for the € 1.000.000 2014 António Champalimaud Vision Award. The deadline for submissions is December 31st 2013.

Candidate Eligibility

The recipients of the Award are leading laboratories, organisations or collaborative efforts involved in research or fighting blindness in the field. This may involve groups from more than one institution or discipline.

Entry Process

The award is presented in alternate years for contributions, primarily in developing countries, to the alleviation of visual problems and contributions to overall vision research.

Candidates for the 2013 award may apply directly or be nominated by recognised members of the scientific community.

Nominations for the 2014 award are requested and accepted openly from members of the scientific community in order to identify the most exceptional candidates.

Candidate Entry Forms

Forms are available each year online under and completed Entries must be received in full by the Foundation by December 31st for each year of the award.

Follow-Up On Submitted Entries

After the submission of the entry forms, the Champalimaud Foundation may contact the candidates and/or nominators requesting additional information.

Award Funds

The award of € 1.0 million may be used in any way that furthers the outstanding contribution of the recipient group/organisation.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions, clarification or specific information.

Phone: (+1) 617 959 5277 (EUA)
Phone: (+351) 210 480 200 (Portugal)
E-mail: award[at]

Previous Award Recipents


David Williams, James Fujimoto, David Huang, Carmen Puliafito, Joel Shuman & Eric Swanson

The 2012 António Champalimaud Vision Award recognised the development of two novel approaches to visualising the living human retina in health and disease.


African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)

The 2011 edition of the award recognises APOC’s outstanding contribution to the prevention, control and fight against onchocerciasis or River blindness, a disease which has already infected over 18 million people.


J. Anthony Movshon & William Newsome

This year’s Vision Award recognises the work of both Dr. Movshon and Dr. Newsome over the last 30 years. Working at times together and at other times separately, these outstanding researchers have had a major impact on scientists’ understanding of how the brain reconstructs images, so that human beings can perceive, interpret and act in the world. By building a bridge between psychophysics and human behaviour on the one hand and the physiology of individual neurons and what they compute on the other, these two neuroscientists have shed ground-breaking light upon how the brain reconstructs visual images.


Helen Keller International

The 2009 António Champalimaud Vision Award was awarded to Helen Keller International (HKI) for its outstanding achievements in preventing blindness in the developing world. In particular, its decades-long leadership in the global control of vitamin A deficiency - the leading cause of childhood blindness and a significant contributor to childhood mortality – has helped to save the sight and lives of millions of people around the world.


Jeremy Nathans & King-Wai Yau

The first step in seeing is to convert light into electrical signals that the brain can use to create vision. The 2008 António Champalimaud Vision Award recognised fundamental discoveries on how this process works. Jeremy Nathans determined the genetic code of the human visual pigments, helping to determine how they function and discovering how mutations in their sequence can lead to some retinal diseases. King-Wai Yau showed how the absorption of light by these pigments generates the electrical signals that initiate vision and regulate our natural rhythms. These discoveries are basic to our current understanding of vision.


Aravind Eye Care System

The 2007 António Champalimaud Vision Award recognised the global contribution made by Aravind Eye Care System through their comprehensive, sustainable, compassionate model of eye care. Aravind have made quality affordable eye care a reality for millions and have proactively structured the adaptation of their model through consultancy, capacity building, research, training, and publications, all delivered in the spirit of service.