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Sarah E. Coupland

Short CV

Present appointment:
Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK
December 2005- presentHonorary Consultant in Pathology
February 2013- presentGeorge Holt Chair of Pathology
Previous appointment:
2002- July 2005Dept. of Pathology, Charité University Hospital Benjamin Franklin, Berlin
Consultant Pathologist/ Coordinator of Cytology Laboratory
Jan 2008Fellow of Royal College of Pathologists (FRCPath)
Nov 2007Member of Royal College of Pathologists (MRCPath)
1995-2002Commencement in training in General Pathology, University Hospital Benjamin Franklin, FU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Sept 1994“Klein Sprachdiplom” in German fluency (Goethe Institute, Berlin).
Sept- Dec 1994Training in Ocular Pathology with Professor W. R. Lee, Western Infirmary, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland
1991-1994PhD-Thesis “Immunology of the Anterior Segment of the Eye“, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Sarah E. Coupland
Sarah E. Coupland

Research Group

Liverpool Ocular Oncology Research Group (LOORG)

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University of Liverpool

Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine
Institute of Translational Medicine
6th Floor, Duncan Building
L69 3GA Liverpool
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)151 706 4494
Fax: +44(0)151 706 5826



Scientifc Interest

Prof Coupland’s clinical and scientific research focuses on molecular genetics of cancers with particular interests in uveal melanoma; conjunctival melanoma; intraocular and ocular adnexal lymphomas; and CNS lymphoma. She is involved in translational studies of various clinical trials.

Further Activities

Sarah is a Consultant Histopathologist and the George Holt Chair of Pathology, University of Liverpool. She is also Deputy Head of the Dept. of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine; Director of the Liverpool Tissue Bank; and the Interim Director of the CRUK Liverpool Centre.


  • May 2013
    ARVO Anatomy-Pathology Trustee and ARVO Board Member
  • Jan 2013
    Chair of the “Ophthalmic Pathology Working Group” of the European Society of Pathology
  • Jan. 2011
    President of the International Society of Ophthalmic Pathology
  • 2008-2012
    ARVO Awards Committee (2012 - Chair)
  • May 2010
    ARVO Anatomy-Pathology Programme Committee member (>May 2008; 2010 - Chair)
  • Apr 2008
    International Society of Ocular Oncology, Research Subgroup (Member >April 2008)
  • Sept 2008
    NCRI Translational Research Clinical Studies Group (Member >Sept. 2008 - August2009)
  • Dec 2008
    NCRI Lymphoma Biological Studies Subgroup (Chair from Dec. 2008-2011)
  • Oct 2008
    OOG (European Ophthalmic Oncology Group) (Secretary from Oct. 2008-Oct. 2011; President from Oct. 2011-present)

Key Publications

Selected publications (Total number of scientific publications: 157, Number of papers with IF >5: 29, Number of citations in the last 15 years: 2813, H-Index: 30)

  • Kujala E, Damato B, Coupland SE, Desjardins L, Bechrakis NE, Grange J-D, Kivela T.
    Staging of ciliary body and choroidal melanoma based on anatomical extent: a collaborative study of the European Ophthalmic Oncology Group (OOG).
    J Clin Oncol. 2013 Jul
  • Lake SL, Damato BE, Kalirai H, Dodson A, Taktak AFG, Lloyd BH, Coupland SE.
    Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Array (aSNP) analysis of uveal melanomas reveals that amplification of CNKSR3 Is correlated with improved patient survival.
    American Journal of Pathology, 2013 Jan 25.
  • Marshall E, Romaniuk C, Ghaneh P, Wong H, McKay M, Chopra M, Coupland SE, Damato BE.
    MRI in the detection of hepatic metastases from high-risk uveal melanoma: a prospective study in 188 patients.
    Br J Ophthalmol. 2012 Nov 17. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 23159448.
  • Khan S, Finger PT, Yu GP, Razzaq L, Jager MJ, de Keizer RJ, Sandkull P, Seregard S, Gologorsky D, Schefler AC, Murray TG, Kivelä T, Giuliari GP, McGowan H, Simpson ER, Corriveau C, Coupland SE, Damato BE.
    Angle involvement and glaucoma in patients with biopsy-proven iris melanoma.
    Arch Ophthalmol. 2012 Sep 1;130(9):1229-31
  • Angi M, Kalirai H Coupland SE, Damato B, Semeraro F, Romano MR.
    Proteomic analyses of the vitreous humour.
    Mediators of Inflammation, 2012:148039. Epub 2012 Aug 29
  • Ramkumar HL, Shen DF, Tuo J, Braziel RM, Coupland SE, Smith JR, Chan CC.
    IL-10 -1082 SNP and IL-10 in primary CNS and vitreoretinal lymphomas.
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol., 2012;250:1541–1548. PMID: 22628023
  • Lake SL, Kalirai H, Dopierala J, Damato BE, Coupland SE.
    Comparison of formalin-fixed and snap-frozen samples analysed by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification for prognostic testing in uveal melanoma.
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2012 May 4;53(6):2647-52.
  • Kalirai H, Damato B and Coupland SE.
    Uveal melanoma cell lines contain stem-like cells that self-renew, produce differentiated progeny and survive chemotherapy.
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2011 Oct 31;52(11):8458-66
  • Lake SL, Jmor F, Dopierala J, Taktak AFG, Coupland SE and Damato B.
    Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification of conjunctival melanoma reveals common BRAF V600E gene mutation and gene copy number changes.
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2011 Jul 29;52(8):5598-604.
  • Damato BE, Eleuteri A, Taktak AFG and Coupland SE.
    Estimating prognosis for survival after treatment of choroidal melanoma.
    Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, 2011 Sep;30(5):285-95. Epub 2011 May 30

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