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The 5th Kongsberg Vision Meeting

The 5th annual Kongsberg Vision Meeting took place on December 6, 2012 at Buskerud University College, Kongsberg Campus, Norway.

The meeting attracted 40 scientists and students in the area of computational, experimental and clinical visual neuroscience.

Pete Bex
(Photo M Helland)

The Keynote Lectures

The scientific program included two keynote lectures and eleven other oral presentations on clinical and experimental visual psychophysics, neuroscience, computational vision and cognitive psychology. The first keynote was held by Dr. Peter J Bex from Schepens Eye Research Institute and Department of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

He gave an exciting presentation about Where and Why does Crowding Occur. He talked about why crowding is a modification of an object's appearance and not some form of feature substitution. He went on to talk about the role of attention in crowding showing results from equivalent noise analysis revealing that attention and crowding are dissociable processes.

Marc de Kamps

The second keynote was held by Dr. Marc de Kamps from School of Computing, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK . His talk about A model for the division of labour between the ventral and dorsal stream of visual cortex was excellent.

He presented a model suggesting that attention may play an important role in assisting the visual system with regards to positional information. Attention may help to retrieve the retinotopic location of the feature of interest in the ventral stream of visual cortex and then forward it to the dorsal stream to be used in the preparation of motor action.

The Organizers

From left to right: Marc de Kamps, Helle Falkenberg (moderated one session), Pete Bex, and the organizers Rigmor Baraas and Gaute Einevoll.
image organizer kongsberg meeting 2012

Report by Rigmor C. Baraas and Gaute Einevoll.
Organizers of the 5th KVM

The Conference Abstracts

Abstracts will be published in the 2012 December issue of Scandinavian Journal Optometry and Visual Science.