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U.K. Approves New Embryo Law

With the enthusiastic support of the scientific community, the British House of Commons has overwhelmingly approved a wide-ranging bill that expands the country's rules governing work with human embryos.

ARVO International Advocacy Handbook now available online

This useful booklet is full of suggestions and examples to support members as they work to increase funding for vision research in their home countries.

A New Glance at Glia

Glial cells assist sensory neurons to perceive and respond to stimuli by improving the signal-to-noise ratio.

Trends in Neurosciences

Galileo Galilei’s vision of the senses - a Review by Marco Piccolino and Nicholas J. Wade

16th Retina International World Congress 2010

Retina Italia is confirmed as the hosts of the 16th Retina International World Congress 2010

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science

A new issue (1 November 2008; Vol. 49, No. 11) of Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) has been made available.

European Forum On Good Clinical Practice

The European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) is a non-profit organisation established by and for individuals with a professional involvement in the conduct of biomedical research.

The Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library

A web accessible collection of images, video, lectures and other digital media for use by neuro-ophthalmology professionals, educators, students and patients.

“The European Research Area: New Perspectives”

Results of the Public Consultation on the Green Paper “The European Research Area: New Perspectives”

Threading Light Through the Opaque

Freshly fallen snow is blinding white because the jumble of flakes scatter light in all directions.

2009 ARVO Annual Awards

ARVO is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 ARVO Annual Awards. All awards and lectures will be presented at the 2009 ARVO Annual Meeting, May 3 -7, 2009, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Nomination/applications requested for 2009 Vision Award

The Champalimaud Foundation invites nominations and applications for the €1,000,000 António Champalimaud Vision Award. The deadline for submissions is December 31st 2008

Guide to successful Science Communication

This information is intended to assist project coordinators and team leaders to generate an effective flow of information and publicity about the objectives and results of their work, the contributions made to European knowledge and scientific excellence, the value of collaboration on a Europe-wide scale, and the benefits to EU citizens in general.


This action aims at supporting the efforts undertaken since 2005 in order to bring researchers closer to the larger public, with a view to enhancing their important role in society and in particular within the daily life of citizens.

ARVO Travel Grant Program

The objective of the ARVO Travel Grant Program is to provide partial travel support to investigators who demonstrate potential for future significant research accomplishments, and whose research findings, selected to be presented at the ARVO Annual Meeting, are considered to be of high interest to the vision and ophthalmology community.