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Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Research group of Dr. Bernd Wissinger in Tübingen, Germany.


  • Mutation Screening,
  • Linkage Analysis,
  • Genotyping,
  • Recombinant Protein Expression,
  • Cell Culture,
  • Transfection Calcium Imaging,
  • patch clamp recordings,
  • Western Blotting


Cooperation 1:
Dr. Shomi Bhattacharya, University College London

Cooperation 2:
Prof. Karl-Wilhelm Koch, University of Oldenburg

Cooperation 3:
Dr. Valerio Carelli, University of Bologna

Cooperation 4:
Prof. Eugen Gramer, University of Würzburg

Cooperation 5:
Dr. Thomas Rosenberg, Gordon Norrie Center for Genetic Eye Disease, Hellerup (DK).

Current Research Projects

Project 1:
Genetics of Cone and Cone-Rod Dystrophies & Achromatopsia

Project 2:
Genetics and Pathophysiology of Hereditary Optic Neuropathies

Project 3:

Genetic Factors in Glaucoma

Project 4:

Functional Analysis of Cone CNG channels and its mutants

Project 5:
Transcription and gene regulation of retinal expressed genes

Group Leader

Dr. Bernd Wissinger

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University Clinics Tuebingen
Centre for Ophthalmology, Institute of Ophthalmic Research,
Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Dr. Bernd Wissinger
Roentgenweg 11
D-72076 Tuebingen

Phone: +49 7071 2985032
Fax: +49 7071 295725


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