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Pathophisology of oxidative stress and antioxidants

Research group of Dr. Fancisco Javier Romero in Valencia, Spain.

Oxidative stress is involved in a lot of pathological processes. Its better knowledge leads to better understanding of this mechanism, and consequently to the development of therapeutic tools appropriate to each case. Diseases affecting the nervous system, especially those that involve neurodegeneration, are of particular interest because natural or synthetic antioxidants represents an arsenal of neuroprotective therapies with a great importance.


  • Cell culture,
  • antioxidants biochemical analysis,
  • imunohistochemistry,
  • hplc,
  • western blot,
  • electroretinogram online PCR.


Cooperation 1:
Ophthalmology Department, Lund University, Sweden

Cooperation 2:
Ophthalmology Research group, University Tübingen, Germany

Cooperation 3:
Mediterranean Ophthalmology Foundation, Valencia, Spain

Cooperation 4:
Ophthalmology Department, University Valencia, Spain

Current Research Projects

Project 1:
Oxidative and nitrosative stress in the retina. Experimental models.

Project 2:
Carotenoid neuroprotection of photoreceptors

Group Leader

Dr. Fancisco Javier Romero

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University CEU-Cardenal Herrera
Pathophisology of oxidative stress and antioxidants

Avda. Seminario s/n, Moncada
46113 Valencia

Phone: 0034-961369000
Fax: 0034-961395272

Email: jromero[at]

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