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Glaucoma & Retinal Neurodegeneration Research Group

The aims of our research are to establish new methods of diagnosis of early disease to avoid blindness, identify early markers of cell processes in neurodegenerative disease and investigate therapeutic approaches to their treatment. These objectives are to be achieved using novel non-invasive techniques to assess structural and functional changes in different models of disease and their treatment, with a view to offering quick and effective translation to the clinical arena.

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1:
    Antonio Guirao, Pablo Artal (Universidad de Murcia)
  • Cooperation 2:
    William K Stell (University of Calgary), Jez Guggenheim (University of Cardiff)
  • Cooperation 3:
    Lluis Montoliu (Centro Nacional de Biotecnología-CSIC)
  • Cooperation 4:
    Manuel Desco (Hospital Gregorio Marañón)
  • Cooperation 5:
    Pedro de la Villa (Universidad de Alcalá)

Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    DARC and novel imaging techniques in glaucoma.
  • Project 2:
    Effect of different neuroprotective agents in glaucoma-related diseases.
  • Project 3:
    Investigation of neurodegenerative processes in glaucoma and retinal diseases.
  • Project 4:
    Correlation of structure and functional changes in glaucoma.
  • Project 5:
    Study of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions in the retina.

Group Leader

M Francesca Cordeiro
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UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Bath Street
EC1V 9EL London
United Kingdom

Phone: +44207608 6938/6821
Fax: +44207608 6938/6821



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