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The research of the the Department of Ophthalmology focuses on understanding the development of ocular tumors and improving their treatment.  An important focus is the role of the immune system in different ocular diseases.

We try to develop new treatments for ocular tumors and their metastases, and try to overcome side effects of current treatments. If we know what molecular changes determine the difference between tumors that gives rise to metastases and those that do not, we should be able to really start helping our patients by developing targeted therapies.


  • We have a database on clinical patient data, and perform analysis with uveal melanoma cell lines and short term cultures.
  • Furthermore, we use specific animal models to test potential new therapies.

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1
    Prof. Bruce Ksander, Schepens Eye Res Institute, Boston, USA
  • Cooperation 2
    Prof. J.Y. Niederkorn, Univ. Southwestern, Dallas, USA
  • Cooperation 3
    Prof. I. Cree, Univ. of Portsmouth, UK
  • Cooperation 4
    Prof. B. Damato and Dr. S. Coupland, Liverpool, UK
  • Cooperation 5
    Prof. Dr. Sue-Ostrand-Rosenberg, Baltimore, USA

Group Leader

Martine J. Jager
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Leiden University Medical Centre

PO Box 9600
2300 RC Leiden
The Netherlands

Phone: 31-71-5262097
Fax: 31-71-5248222


Current Research Projects

  • Project 1
    Function of epigenetics in uveal melanoma
  • Project 2
    Regulation of Blood vessel growth in ocular tumors
  • Project 3
    Treatment of radiation retinopathy
  • Project 4
    Targeted therapy in uveal melanoma
  • Project 5
    Genetic basis of herpes disease

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