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The vision of myopes, presbyopes, cataract patients

A video lesson by Prof. Pablo Artal, Murcia, Spain

We always want to know about others sensations, and moreover it is nice to be, even for a while, in the boots of others! This is especially important with people in trouble, as in many cases those with vision problems.

Using adaptive optics, we can simulate under quite realistic conditions how are the images in the retina for different cases. We used our unique research tool: the Murcia-adaptive optics visual simulator to produce images of letters (or any picture) as they were seen by myopes, presbyopes, cataract patients...

A wavefront sensor measures the optical properties of the eye and a corrector (a deformable mirror or a liquid crystal light modulator) allows modifying the optics, either to correct or to simulate any optical condition. The subject can see images through the modified ocular optics.

Watching this video you can learn how a myopic person sees, or a person with cataract or how a lucky individual with supervision can see letters at a great distance!

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Pablo Artal

Universidad De Murcia
Laboratorio  De  Optica (LOUM)

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