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Visual mapping and circuits group

We are interested in the molecular control of the development and maintenance of visual circuits. One focus is the establishment of a retinotopic map and the segregation of ipsi- and contralateral projections at the midline to form binocular vision.

In addition, we aim to understand the role of molecules (proteins and RNAs) in the generation of retinal cell subtypes and their specific connectivity. We use mainly the mouse and chick as model systems for our studies on visual development in healthy and diseased states.


  • Generation/use of transgenic and gene-targeted mouse lines
  • Genetic- and dye-based in vivo tracing of retinal axons, 2P/confocal microscopy
  • In utero (mouse) and in ovo (chick) electroporations in retina and visual targets

Scientific Cooperations

  • Visual systems group at KCL (Prof. Uwe Drescher, Prof. Ian Thompson, Dr. Martin Meyer)
  • Dr. Juan Burrone, KCL
  • Dr. Kevin Mitchell, University of Dublin
  • Prof. Anne Calof, UC Irvine

Group Leader

Robert Hindges
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King’s College London

MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology

New Hunt’s House
Guy’s Campus
SE1 1UL London
United Kongdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7848 8157
Fax: +44 (0)20 7848 6550


Visual mapping and circuits group

Current Research Projects

  • Role of miRNAs in retinal development and axon pathfinding
  • Establishment of the visual topographic map
  • Molecular basis of binocular vision
  • Subtype-specific interactions/synaptogenesis of cells in the retina and retinorecipient structures in the brain
  • Molecular markers of specific retinal circuits

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