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Interactive Case Consultation in Ophthalmology

Nothing is more useful to improve someone´s diagnostic skills than a carefully selected tricky case study together with a high-level discussion about differential diagnostic aspects.

You might already know “Dictionary of Ophthalmology“ which is available at free access.

"We hope that our new section will enable you and others to practice their ophthalmologic skills in an informative yet entertaining way."

Dr. Philipp Franko Zeitz

It currently contains more than 25.000 entries in 13 languages together with more than 1.000 illustrations and is supported by the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) since last year. Through this, a large number of ophthalmologists from all around the world visit the website every day.

In the "E-Learning"-Section of this website, Zeitz Franko Zeitz would now like to present well illustrated cases from the clinician´s everyday life. They put the emphasis on a clear and detailed description of every case and the intention that each case should highlight a specific tricky problem.

Via a web form, the participants are invited to send their opinion, which will be published (either with their name or anonymously) in the discussion section of each case.

Here you may find the premiere – Case 1

If you would like to contribute an interesting case, which you expect to be of professional and educational value for other ophthalmologists, this would be highly appreciated. Please feel free to get in contact with Dr. Philipp Franko Zeitz and send the data and pictures!

Philipp Franko Zeitz
Picture of Philipp Franko Zeitz

Philipp Franko Zeitz

  • Studied Medicine, English, Biochemistry and Communication in Essen, München and Los Angeles.
  • Worked at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf and directed several plays at the Theatermuseum Düsseldorf.
  • Works as an ophthalmologist in Düsseldorf.