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Institute of Ophthalmology (IOO) Day 2021 at University College London

A yearly celebration of the people and the initiatives at our institute.

This year's IoO Day was presented online. The Institute of Ophthalmology (IOO) welcomed Professor Constance Cepko from Harvard Medical School and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to deliver the IoO Annual Lecture with a talk titled "Cell fate determination in retinal development". 

The IoO Annual Award Lecture was established in 2018 to honour scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of ophthalmology and visual science. The lecture is part of the IoO day when awards are also given to IoO and Moorfields/IoO-associated staff to recognize academic, teaching and collegiality activities.

Congratulations to this year's IoO Award winners:

  • Federico Rossi and Peter Andrew for Research Excellence
  • Rashmi Mathew for Teaching Excellence
  • Naheed Kanuga for Collegiality
  • Dr Karen Eastlake and Dr Jacqui van der Spuy receiving the Institute Directors' award
  • The MyEyeSite team for Public and Patient Involvement & Engagement (PPIE), an award presented by NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre: Laura & Alessia Fietta (parent and patient), Prof Andrew Webster, Nick Nettleton, Dr Rose Gilbert & Dr Jocelyn Cammack
  • Professor Mariya Moosajee, also for Public and Patient Involvement & Engagement (PPIE)

Why is MyEyeSite needed?

MyEyeSite was originally conceived to help people suffering with rare eyes disease bring together their medical data from many different locations. A patient's medical data is often siloed away within many different computer systems, across different hospitals.

This makes it difficult for doctors to get a complete picture of a patient's medical history, especially when visiting a new hospital or clinic. And this also makes it difficult for any one trust to have sufficient data on rarer diseases to carry out essential research. MyEyeSite empowers patients to retrieve their medical data, access it at any time, share it with their doctors ahead of appointments, and agree for it to be used in research.

Watch the film on to learn more. MyEyeSite is secure and transparent and take a patient-first approach to everything they do.

MyEye is a collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and Loft Digital, supported by HDRUK and Innovate UK. Together they bring the expertise in clinical care, research, technology, health data and innovation that is helping MyEyeSite to solve vital problems in modern digital medicine.

Links & congratulations to the winners