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Margaret Veruki

Short CV

2011-Associate Professor, Biomedicine, University of Bergen
2007-2010Research Scientist, University of Bergen
2000-2007Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bergen
1996-1997Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oslo
1994-1996Postdoctoral Fellow, MPI Frankfurt
1989-1994Graduate Student, University of Rochester, NY

Scientifc Interest

My main scientific interest  is to study the basic mechanisms of synaptic transmission and signal integration within neuronal microcircuits and small networks of neurons in the retina.


  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Scandinavian Physiological Society
  • Norwegian Neuroscience Society


University of Bergen

Department of Biomedicine,
Neuroscience Research Group

Jonas Lies vei 91
N-5098 Bergen

Phone: +47 5558 6396
Fax: +47 5558 6360



Key Publications

  1. Wang X, Veruki ML, Bukoreshtliev NV, Hartveit E, Gerdes HH (2010).
    Animal cells connected by nanotubes can be electrically coupled through interposed gap-junction channels.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 107: 17194-9. 
  2. Veruki ML, Oltedal L & Hartveit E (2010).
    Electrical coupling and passive membrane properties of AII amacrine cells.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 103: 1456-66.
  3. Hartveit E & Veruki ML (2010).
    Accurate measurement of junctional conductance between electrically coupled cells with whole-cell voltage-clamp under conditions of high series resistance.
    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 187: 13-25.
  4. Veruki ML & Hartveit E (2009).
    Meclofenamic acid blocks electrical synapses of retinal AII amacrine and ON-cone bipolar cells.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 101: 2339-47.
  5. Veruki ML, Oltedal L & Hartveit E (2008).
    Electrical synapses between AII amacrine cells: dynamic range and functional consequences of variation in junctional conductance.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 100: 3305-22.
  6. Veruki ML, Gill SB & Hartveit E (2007).
    Spontaneous IPSCs and glycine receptors with slow kinetics in wide-field amacrine cells in the adult retina.
    Journal of Physiology 581: 203-19.
  7. Veruki ML, Mørkve SH & Hartveit E (2006).
    Activation of a presynaptic glutamate transporter regulates synaptic transmission through electrical signalling.
    Nature Neuroscience 9: 1388-1396.
  8. Gill SB, Veruki ML & Hartveit E (2006).
    Functional properties of spontaneous IPSCs and glycine receptors in rod amacrine (AII) cells in the rat retina.
    Journal of Physiology 575: 739-759.
  9. Veruki ML, Mørkve SH & Hartveit E (2003).
    Functional properties of spontaneous EPSCs and non-NMDA receptors in rod (AII) amacrine cells of the rat retina.
    Journal of Physiology 549: 759-774.
  10. Veruki ML & Hartveit E (2002).
    AII (rod) amacrine cells form a network of electrically coupled interneurons in the mammalian retina.
    Neuron 33: 935-946.

Research Groups