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Lorenzo Cangiano

Short CV

1996 Master’s degree in Microelectronics and Bioengineering, University of Bologna.
1998–04 PhD program with Dr. S. Grillner at the Dept. of Neuroscience of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
2004 Postdoc with Dr. A. Büschges at the Dept. of Animal Physiology, Zoological Institute, University of Köln, Germany.
2005–08 Postdoc with Dr. L. Cervetto at the Dept. of Psychiatry and Neurobiology, University of Pisa.
2009– Assistant Professor of Physiology at the Dept. of Physiological Sciences, University of Pisa.


CV of Lorenzo Cangiano [pdf]

Scientifc Interest

  • Retina - Neurophysiology of the outer retina of the mouse (light responses and signal processing in photoreceptors and bipolar cells)
  • Retina - Rod single photon responses
  • Retina - Rod–cone electrical coupling
  • Spinal cord - Neurophysiology of locomotor pattern generation in the lamprey spinal cord
Lorenzo Cangiano
Lorenzo Cangiano

Research Group

Research Group of Lorenzo Cangiano

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Università di Pisa

Dip. di Ricerca Traslazionale e delle Nuove Tecnologie in Medicina e Chirurgia

Via San Zeno 31
56123 Pisa

Phone: +390502213498
FAX: +390502213527



Key Publications

  1. Cangiano L, Asteriti S, Cervetto L, Gargini C (2012).
    The photovoltage of rods and cones in the dark–adapted mouse retina.
    J Physiol 590, 3841-55.
  2. Della Santina L*, Piano I*, Cangiano L*, Caputo A, Ludwig A, Cervetto L, Gargini C (2012).
    Processing of retinal signals in normal and HCN deficient mice.
    PLoS ONE 7, e29812.
  3. Cangiano L, Hill RH, Grillner S (2012).
    The hemisegmental locomotor network revisited.
    Neuroscience 210, 33–7.
  4. Mentel T, Cangiano L, Grillner S and Büschges A (2008).
    Neuronal substrates for state-dependent changes in coordination between motoneuron pools during fictive locomotion in the lamprey spinal cord.
    J Neurosci 28, 868–879.
  5. Cangiano L, Gargini C, Della Santina L, Demontis GC and Cervetto L (2007).
    High–pass filtering of input signals by the Ih current in a non–spiking neuron, the retinal rod bipolar cell.
    PLoS ONE 2, e1327.
  6. Cangiano L and Grillner S (2005).
    Mechanisms of rhythm generation in a spinal locomotor network deprived of crossed connections: the lamprey hemicord.
    J Neurosci 25, 923–35.
  7. Cangiano L and Grillner S (2003).
    Fast and slow locomotor burst generation in the hemi-spinal cord of the lamprey.
    J Neurophysiol 89, 2931–42.
  8. Buffelli M, Busetto G, Cangiano L and Cangiano A (2002).
    Perinatal switch from synchronous to asynchronous activity of motoneurons: link with synapse elimination.
    PNAS 99, 13200–5.
  9. Cangiano L, Wallén P and Grillner S (2002).
    Role of apamin–sensitive KCa channels for reticulospinal synaptic transmission to motoneuron and for the afterhyperpolarization.
    J Neurophysiol 88, 289–99.

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