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Department of Ophthalmology

Based in King’s College London’s Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology, the group’s  research focuses on the genetics of age-related eye diseases (myopia, glaucoma and age-related cataract), using –omics technologies including genome-wide association studies, whole-genome sequencing and epigenetics, and in particular measuring quantitative healthy variation in these traits in 3000-5000 twins.


Quantitative phenotype collection and follow-up (eg cataract assessment (Scheimpflug lens photograph), retinal vascular caliber (retinal photograph)); GWAS, sequencing, etc

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1:
    Prof Caroline Klaver, Prof Cornelia van Duijn and others in the Rotterdam Eye Study: myopia and glaucoma GWAS
  • Cooperation 2:
    Prof David Mackey, Lions Eye Institute, Perth UWA: twin studies
  • Cooperation 3:
    Dr Ananth Viswanathan and Prof Paul Mitchell, WTCCC2/Blue Mountains Eye Study cohort: glaucoma and cataract GWAS
  • Cooperation 4:
    Prof Jugnoo Rahi, ICH, UCL: myopia genetics
  • Cooperation 5:
    Prof Joan Bailey-Wilson, NIH: myopia GWAS
  • Cooperation 6:
    Dr Fion Bremner, UCLH: pupils
  • Cooperation 7:
    Dr Jelle Vehof, UMCG: dry eye
  • Cooperation 8:
    Prof Terri Young, Duke University, USA: myopia genetics
  • Cooperation 9:
    Prof Barbara and Ron Klein, Beaver Dam (Wisconsin): complex trait gen. epidemiology

Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    The genetics of common age-related eye disease: NIHR Senior Research Fellowship
  • Project 2:
    Rare variants in glaucoma: a whole-genome sequencing study
  • Project 3:
    Cognitive, behavioural, environmental and genetic associations of myopia in the Twins Early Development Study
  • Project 4:
    Identification of genetic susceptibility factors for glaucoma through analysis of large scale genotype and sequencing data
  • Project 5:
    Developing electroretinogram (ERG) protocols to aid early diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration and to understand abnormal retinal function in genetic retinal diseases

Group Leader

Christopher Hammond
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King’s College London

St Thomas’ Hospital Campus, 3rd Floor South Wing Block D
Westminster Bridge Road
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)207 188 9055
Fax: +44 (0)207 188 6718



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