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New ARVO Fellows

ARVO has established a new award to recognize and honor members for their leadership, dedication and contributions to ARVO.

Review: Drosophila's view on insect vision by Alexander Borst

Studies of insect vision have a long tradition and have provided many significant insights; in this issue, Axel Borst reviews what has been learned from such studies and considers how the field is likely to be further advanced by work on the genetic model species Drosophila melanogaster.

ARVO 2009 "Examining inequalities in eye health": Website launched

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2009 Annual Meeting will be a major forum for vision researchers and practitioners to close the knowledge gap about eye diseases and treatment.

$3 million towards gene therapy to treat retinal degenerative diseases

The Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) is partnering with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in a five-year grant that will fund an ambitious research project to develop innovative gene therapies for a number of degenerative retinal diseases.

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Ingvar Carlsson Award - Announces a call for proposals for the 2008

Quality of UK research assessed

Research Assessment Exercise results will shape scientists' careers and universities' funding.

Cell biologists share their snaps

Journal of Cell Biology launches an image bank for microscopy images.

Method of the Year 2008

Nature Methods' Method of the Year 2008 goes to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

Review of the year 2008

It was a big year for science.

Blind man walking

Man navigates obstacles he can't consciously see.

Medical Sciences - European Medical Research Councils (EMRC)

Population Survey and Biobanking

Global challenges and global collaborations - lessons learnt from global change

2nd ESF Science Policy Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden

FDA Changes Rules for Clinical Trials Outside the US

The FDA recently rejected the requirement that data from clinical trials conducted outside the United States could only be used in approval decisions if the trials adhere to the 1989 version of the Declaration of Helsinki, issued by the World Medical Association.

Publish in Wikipedia or perish

Journal to require authors to post in the free online encyclopaedia.

Patient Charter

The Macular Disease Patient Charter, a bill of rights for people with macular disease, has been developed by AMD Alliance International.