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Research In Neurodegenerative Diseases

The Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council (MRC) are pleased to announce a major new initiative to stimulate high-quality, collaborative research that will advance knowledge of neurodegenerative diseases through interdisciplinary approaches.

Singapore Translational Research (STaR) Investigator Award

The STaR Investigator Award is a prestigious award, jointly offered by the Singapore Ministry of Health's National Medical Research Council (NMRC) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), to recognise and support investigators with outstanding qualifications in translational and clinical research.

Voltage sensing by membrane proteins

The electrical potential across cellular membranes is sensed by specialized proteins — typically, voltage-gated ion channels.

Sialoadhesin Expression in Intact Degenerating Retinas and Following Transplantation

Resident microglial cells normally do not express sialoadhesin (Sn; a sialic acid-binding receptor), whereas recruited inflammatory macrophages have been shown to do so.

Young people interested in science, but not in scientific careers

First, the good news: young people in Europe are overwhelmingly interested in science and technology (S&T) and positive about the benefits they bring to society, according to a new Eurobarometer survey on young people's attitudes to science.

Retinal Function in Best Macular Dystrophy

Relationship between Electrophysiological, Psychophysical, and Structural Measures of Damage

Van Gysel Prize for Biomedical Research in Europe - 2009

This triennial Prize of 100,000 (Euro sign) aimed at promoting the development of higher teaching and research in the biomedical fiel.

Older scientists publish more papers

Age is no barrier to productivity

HHMI Collaborative Innovation Awards Help Bring Researchers Together to Tackle New Ideas

A $10 million pilot program ($10 million per year, totaling $40 million over four years) from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will now enable eight teams of scientists to devote substantial time and energy to pursuing collaborative, potentially transformative research.

Observation of Erythrocyte Dynamics in the Retinal Capillaries and Choriocapillaris Using ICG-Loaded Erythrocyte Ghost Cells

To find evidence of retinal vasomotion and to examine the relationship between erythrocyte dynamics and previously observed high-frequency pulsatile blood flow through the choriocapillaris.

The RNAi Gateway

From humble beginnings as an obscure phenomenon in plants, RNA interference (RNAi) has evolved into an area of significant impact in numerous fields.

Oxidative Stress and TGF-β2 Increase Heat Shock Protein 27 Expression in Human Optic Nerve Head Astrocytes

Reactive astrocytes of glaucomatous optic nerve heads (ONHs) are characterized by an increased expression of transforming growth factor (TGF)-β2 and heat shock proteins (Hsps) such as Hsp27.

Screening Tests for Detecting Open-Angle Glaucoma: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

To assess the comparative accuracy of potential screening tests for open angle glaucoma (OAG).

Development of a Reconstructed Cornea from Collagen–Chondroitin Sulfate Foams and Human Cell Cultures

To develop an artificial cornea, the ability to coculture the different cell types present in the cornea is essential. The goal is to develop a full-thickness artificial cornea

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The Joint Research Centre is a research based policy support organisation and an integral part of the European Commission.