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Brilliant Prospects

Alexander von Humboldt Professorship - International Award for Research in Germany

Second ERC Starting Grant call attracted 927 proposals in the "Life Sciences" domain

The second ERC Starting Grant competition attracted 927 proposals in the domain of "Life Sciences", which closed on 10 December 2008.

Biosummit Seeks to Draw Obama's Attention to the Life Sciences

How do you make a pitch for spending more money on basic science at a time when the whole world seems to be going broke?

As Rods Go, So Go the Cones

Rod cells in our eyes help us see in dim light. They also ensure that the cones, the other light-sensitive cells we depend on for vision, get enough food, a new study reveals.

More biologists report plastic contamination

Chemicals from lab equipment are ruining experiments worldwide.

French research faces shake-up in reform plans

The board of France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) formally approved controversial reforms on 27 November that would split the agency into nine semi-autonomous institutes, with a recommendation for a tenth in computing. The meeting required police protection from protesting researchers.

Innovative glaucoma test wins prestigious national award

An innovative computer-based technology to test for glaucoma developed by experts at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and City University London, was named as overall winner in the Medical Research Council translational research innovation award category of the 2008 Medical Futures competition on Tuesday 2 December.

The recent newsletter of the European Vision Institute

The EVI just published its 11th newsletter.

New Website of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council launched

The Czech Republic will be leading and presiding over the meetings of EU-27 between January and June 2009.

Electroretinographic responses that may reflect activity of parvo- and magnocellular post-receptoral visual pathways

by Jan Kremers and Barbara Link; Journal of Vision (2008)

How to achieve balance between work and personal life!

Various policy initiatives on the European and national level have been launched in the past years to support working parents in response to the intensification of work, drop in fertility and ageing of the population. Now the CINEFOGO Network give some suggestions!

Scientists resolve to crack down on fraud

Public confidence in the honesty of scientists is being harmed by a small minority of researchers who behave badly, a conference heard last week. European research organisations agreed to work more closely to tackle the problem of fraud and other misconduct in science.

Light-arousal and circadian photoreception circuits intersect at the large PDF cells of the Drosophila brain

An article by Yuhua Shang, Leslie C. Griffith, and Michael Rosbash

Ireland's CSA sets out country's science ambitions

Irish science is on the up - in recent years, the country has succeeded in doubling its science capacity, and it plans to double it again in the next six to seven years.

Proteins that read DNA backwards

Some enzymes transcribe DNA in the 'wrong' direction to create puzzling RNAs.