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Common ophthalmic devices measure corneal parameters using different technologies

As the recently published article in the journal Open Ophthalmology Journal shows, there are significant differences among the measures of corneal parameters obtained by the three most commonly used ophthalmic devices, called topographers.

Study reveals a brain mechanism underlying visual hallucinations in the blind

Some people have lost their eyesight, but they continue to "see." This phenomenon, a kind of vivid visual hallucination, is named after the Swiss doctor, Charles Bonnet, who described in 1769 how his completely blind grandfather experienced vivid, detailed visions of people, animals and objects.

International Council of Ophthalmology supports WHO’s guide on DR screening

The International Council of Ophthalmology participated in the launch of a diabetic retinopathy screening guide developed by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Tamara Fountain begins Term as 2021 President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

The university professor will focus on pandemic recovery, supporting diversity in medicine

The IoO and Moorfields launch Orthoptics MSc

UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital are launching the UK’s first-ever pre-registration Orthoptics MSc in a virtual event.

Fighting Blindness in the Developing World

From humble beginnings as a small clinic with just 11 beds and the audacious goal of curing preventable blindness, the Aravind Eye Care System in southern India has grown into the largest eye care provider in the world and serves as a model for how cataract blindness might effectively be eliminated in the developing world.

Positive topline results reported in run-in cohort of reproxalap phase 3 trial

Reproxalap demonstrated statistically significant improvements in dry eye symptoms, redness and Schirmer’s test results compared with vehicle in a run-in cohort of the phase 3 TRANQUILITY clinical trial, Aldeyra Therapeutics announced.

Le Professeur José-Alain Sahel au Téléthon 2020

José-Alain Sahel est intervenu lors du Téléthon 2020 pour évoquer les travaux de l’Institut sur les maladies rares de la Vision.

Drive-through IOP screening clinic feasible during COVID-19

A drive-through intraocular pressure (IOP) screening clinic allows for continued management during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a research letter published in JAMA Ophthalmology.

Big Data Grants Awarded to Ophthalmologists Working to Improve Patient Care

The American Academy of Ophthalmology announced recipients of analytic programs from two funds developed to advance big data investigations of eye disease.

Core curriculum: learning to manage a shared microscopy facility

High-tech tools are increasingly being consolidated into specialized centres. Running these technological wonderlands takes a unique blend of skills.

How to write a superb literature review

Nature speaks to old hands and first timers about the work they did to make their reviews sing.

Researchers use genomics to identify diabetic retinopathy factors

In a search to discover the genetic factors underlying diabetic retinopathy, University of Illinois Chicago researchers also have identified a new approach that can be used as a template to study other diseases.

Machine learning model uses retinal scans to detect Alzheimer’s disease

A form of artificial intelligence designed to interpret a combination of retinal images was able to successfully identify a group of patients who were known to have Alzheimer's disease, suggesting the approach could one day be used as a predictive tool, according to an interdisciplinary study from Duke University.

Reconstruction of eye tissue gives new insight into outer retina

A new study by scientists at the University of Southampton has made a breakthrough that could help the search for treatments against age related sight loss.