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MRC Human Genetics Unit

Research group of Prof. Alan Wright in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.


Cooperation 1:
Prof. Tony Moore, UCL, London, UK

Cooperation 2:
Prof. Robin Ali, UCL, London, UK

Cooperation 3:
Prof. Shomi Bhattacharya, UCL, London, UK

Cooperation 4:
Dr Marius Ueffing, GSF, Munchen, Germany

Current Research Projects

Project 1:
RPGR retinal dystrophies

Project 2:
C1QTNF5 mutation – a model of age-related maculopathy

Group Leader

Prof. Alan Wright

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MRC Human Genetics Unit

Crewe Road
Edinburgh EH4 2XU
United Kingdom

Phone: 00-131-467-8437
Fax: 00-131-467-8456

Email: alan.wright[at]

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