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Quing Liu

I am supported by MY EUROPIA training network to do research in PFI, Leipzig University, Germany. In our project, several different groups from physics, computer science, biology and medicine collaborate together to arrest myopia development.

Current Research Projects

My work mainly aim to investigate the biochemical signalling cascade from the retina to sclera that controls axial eye growth and test the possible treatment for excessive eye growth intervention.


  • Cross linking treatment for animal sclera with surgery and irradiation
  • Immunohistochemistry on retinal preparations
  • Confocal microscopic imaging and morphometry

Selected Publications

  1. Qing Liu, Guigang Li, Ke Li, Hong Zhang
    Inhibition effect of minocyclinye on pressure induced apoptosis of retinal neuron cells cultured in vitro.
    CJOFD, 2007 23 (6): 433-437.
  2. N. Lindqvist, Q. Liu, J. Zajadacz, K. Franze, A. Reichenbach
    A method to stretch the retina in vitro and monitor effects on Müller glial cells.
    Neuroscience 2008 Meeting abstracts; 648.12/Y14
Quing Liu
Quing Liu

Research Group

Pathophysiology of Glia / My Europia


University Leipzig


Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig

Phone: 49 (0)176 6421 0257
Fax: 49 (0)341 / 97 25739




CV of Quing Liu [pdf]

Research Groups


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