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María Miranda Sanz

Current Research Projects

  • Oxidative and nitrosative stress in the retina
  • Experimental models
  • Carotenoid neuroprotection of diabetic retina


  • Cell culture
  • antioxidants biochemical analysis
  • imunohistochemistry
  • hplc
  • western blot
  • electroretinogram

Selected Publications

  1. Arnal E, Miranda M, Almansa I, Muriach M, Barcia JM, Romero FJ, Díaz-Llopis M, Bosch-Morell F
    Lutein prevents cataract development and progression in diabetic rats.
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2008 Sep 3. [Epub ahead of print]
  2. Johnsen-Soriano S, Garcia-Pous M, Arnal E, Sancho-Tello M, Garcia-Delpech S, Miranda M, Bosch-Morell F, Diaz-Llopis M, Navea A, Romero FJ.
    Early lipoic acid intake protects retina of diabetic mice.
    Free Radic Res. 2008 Jul;42(7):613-7.
  3. Miranda, M.; Muriach, M.; Almansa, I.; Arnal, E.; Messeguer, A.; Díaz-Llopis, M.; Romero, F.J.; Bosch-Morell, F.
    CR-6 protects glutathione peroxidase activity in experimental diabetes.
    Free Radic Biol Med. 2007 Dec 1;43(11):1494-8.
  4. Miranda M, Bosch-Morell F, Belda JI, García-Manzanares MD, Barcia J, Alió JL, Romero FJ.
    Protective effect of viscoelastics against retina lipid peroxidation.
    Ophthalmic Res. 2007;39(5):260-4.
  5. Miranda M, Bosch-Morell F, Johnsen-Soriano S, Barcia J, Almansa I, Asensio S, Araiz J, Messeguer A, Romero FJ.
    Oxidative stress in rat retina and hippocampus after chronic MDMA ('ecstasy') administration.
    Neurochem Res. 2007 Jul;32(7):1156-62.
María Miranda Sanz
María Miranda Sanz

Research Group

Pathophisology of oxidative stress and antioxidants


Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera

Avda. Seminario s/n, Moncada
46113 Valencia

Phone: 0034 961369000
Fax: 0034 961395272



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