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Fight for a substantial improvement of European funding for Vision Research and Ophthalmology

In the next European Framework Programme "Horizon Europe" we need more financial support for research than in the previous programme. Help us to achieve this goal! Our mission is to fight for a substantial improvement of European funding for Vision Research and Ophthalmology in Horizon Europe

The funding of research is a basic prerequisite for all our work and we are therefore closely following the current negotiations on the funding of the next EU Research Framework Programme 2021 to 2027, which is important for us. while the European Parliament proposed a total budget of 120 billion euros in April 2019 (for the entire EU and the entire six-year period), the budget presented by the Commission in June 2019 is much lower at 94.1 billion euros. These negotiations will be accompanied on site in Brussels by LERU (League of European Research Universities,; this well-known university alliance also represents the interests of the University of Heidelberg.

At the same time, the Rectorate is trying to work towards better funding at national level. Now there is also a petition which enables you as scientists and scholars to also campaign for better funding of research at EU level. The petition was drafted by the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) and is available online under:

The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) is an independent platform of European Learned Societies and Research Organizations operating within different disciplines and across sectors. ISE supports all fields of science at a European level, involves researchers in the design and implementation of European science policies, and advocates strong independent scientific advice in European policy making. ISE has been instrumental in promoting disruptive excellence-based funding programmes for scientific research such as the ERC.