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The European Vision Award 2008

The European Vision Award 2008 goes to Hendrik Scholl, Bonn, Germany.

The European Vision Institute EEIG proudly presents the winner of the European Vision Award 2008: Dr. Hendrik Scholl from the University Eye Hospital in Bonn, Germany

Dr. Scholl has proven his scientific excellence by numerous successful endeavours and was selected therefore by independent experts for the European Vision Award 2008. His major scientific expertise lies in phenotyping retinal and macular diseases with various complex electrophysiological and imaging techniques.Dr Scholl’s work in the area of age-related macular degeneration and genetically determined panretinal and macular dystrophies has substantially contributed to the understanding of the pathophysioplogy of blinding eye diseases. His research contributions overall represent an extraordinary advancement in the field and he is internationally recognized for his innovative and pioneering work in this area.