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DSM Ahead

DSM Ahead is the Materials Scienece R&D centre for DSM.  This research centre performs work for DSM Biomedical.

From contact lenses to bioresorbable drug delivery systems, DSM Biomedical provides biomaterials innovation and market insight that turn promising product concepts into viable medical solutions for better eye health. As a pioneer and industry leader in biomedical polymers, customized drug delivery systems, contract R&D and manufacturing services for ophthalmic applications.


  • Opthalmic contact lens materiasl
  • Opthalmic drug delivery 
  • Coatings for ophthalmic devices

Scientific Cooperations

Group Leader

Aylvin Dias
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Royal DSM N.V.

DSM Ahead

Urmonderbaan 22
Geleen, 6167 RD
The Netherlands

Phone: 00 31 464761067



Current Research Projects

Project 1: Ophthalmic Biomaterials for Contact Lens and Lens Care Solutions

Having a superior understanding of chemical structure property relationships, DSM Biomedical ensures the material needs of its partner translate into superior product performance. Increasing end of day comfort, decreasing infections from new resistant bacterial strains and other performance factors such as increasing lubricity for dry eye patients, are the focus of next generation materials being produced at DSM Biomedical.

DSM Biomedical offers products and manufacturing processes designed to help our partners successfully navigate an evolving industry environment, including:

  • Scale-up and manufacturing of contact lens formulations incorporating high-purity amphiphilic monomers and oligomers for state-of-the-art silicone hydrogel lenses
  • Polyquaternium and other novel biocides for lens care solutions
  • Hydrophilic polyethylene glycol oligomers
  • Novel functional silicone monomers, crosslinkers or other high-purity small molecules
  • Lubricious, antimicrobial and anti-fouling surface modifications, utilizing Self Assembling Monolayer End Groups SAME® technology
  • Surfactants and wetting agents
  • Moisture, light and/or heat sensitive materials

Project 2: Opthalmic Drug Delivery

DSM Biomedical works closely with industry partners to create customized drug delivery systems based on proprietary technologies, offering the following products for advanced ocular drug delivery:

  • Injectables, including microparticles, nanoparticles, gels and monoliths (i.e. rods)
  • Sustained release profiles (weeks to months)
  • Quick release profiles (days to weeks)
  • Drug delivery coatings/components for ocular devices
  • Specialized systems optimized for delivery of both biologics and small molecules

By applying DSM’s materials science expertise to the most challenging unmet clinical needs in ophthalmology, DSM Biomedical developed the Trancerta™ Drug Delivery portfolio to include the company’s proprietary bioresorbable material platforms as well as an extensive in-house library of synthesis methods, formulation and processing techniques. The material portfolio includes:

  • Amino Acid Based Materials which promote interaction between polymer and drug to enhance loading and modulate release. Additionally, the material boasts superior biocompatibility and is enzymatically degradable offering exceptional degradation/release profiles via its inherent surface eroding nature.
  • Polythioesters providing novel linking technologies, the thioester chemistry allows fully hydrolysable crosslinks with advanced features built into the building blocks of the more known degradable materials, providing degradation rates of weeks to multiple months.
  • Novel Polyurethanes with the ability to control the polymer’s mechanical properties, drug encapsulation, and crosslink density, enabling degradation and drug release to be fully managed and customized.

Project 3: Coatings

DSM Biomedical offers hydrophilic and antimicrobial coatings for intraocular lens delivery systems/delivery cartridges.

  • ComfortCoat® Hydrophilic coating 
  • ComfortCoat® Silverbased Antimicrobial coating 
  • ComfortCoat® Hemocompatbile Antimicrobial coating 
  • VitroStealth™ non-fouling coating 

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