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Breandan Kennedy

Short CV

‘Principal Investigator’:

2003-present, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN: College Lecturer in School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Sciences, Career-track Investigator, Conway Institute,

‘Postdoctoral Fellow’:

2000-2003, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, SEATTLE, USA: Senior fellow in Prof. James Hurley’s lab. Projects analysed eye development using mutant zebrafish and investigated cone photoreceptor function using transgenic zebrafish.

1999-2000, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, INDIANA, USA: Postdoctoral fellow in Prof. David Hyde’s lab. Projects include characterization of promoters directing rod photoreceptor-specific expression in transgenic zebrafish.

‘Graduate Student’

1994-1998, W. ALTON JONES CELL SCIENCE CENTER, NEW YORK, USA: Ph.D. thesis research under supervision of Dr. John Crabb. Studies investigated the regulation of CRALBP transcription, targeted disruption of the mouse CRALBP gene, and identification and analysis of a mutation in CRALBP segregating with retinitis pigmentosa.


CV of Breandan Kennedy [pdf]

Scientifc Interest

  • Retinal/macular degeneration
  • Gene regulatory networks in the eye
  • Ocular angiogenesis / neovascularisation
  • Drug Discovery and Development


  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
Breandan Kennedy
Breandan Kennedy

Research Group

Kennedy Lab

[more information]


University College Dublin

UCD Conway Institute
D4 Dublin

Phone: 353-1-716-6740



Key Publications

  1. 2010, ML. Cederlund, T Baden, V Vendrell, L Lagnado, VP Connaughton and BN. Kennedy. 
    Zebrafish Tg(7.2mab21l2:EGFP) Transgenics Reveal A Unique Population Of Retinal Amacrine Cells.
    in press.  
  2. 2010, J Yin,  S McLoughlin, IB Jeffery, A Glaviano, BN Kennedy, DG Higgins
    Integrating multiple genome annotation databases improves the interpretation of microarray gene  expression data. BMC GENOMICS.
    Jan 20;11(1):50. PMID: 20089164.   
  3. 2010, Alvarez Y, Chen K, Reynolds A, Waghorne N, O'Connor J. and. Kennedy. BN. 
    Predominant Cone Photoreceptor Dysfunction in a Hyperglycaemic Model of Non- Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy. 
    Dis Model Mech. Mar-Apr;3(3-4):236-45  PMID: 20142328
  4. 2009, Y. Alvarez, O Astudillo-Fernandez, L. Jensen, A. Reynolds, N. Waghorne, D. Brazil, Y. Cao, J. O'Connor, BN Kennedy. 
    Selective Inhibition of Retinal Angiogenesis by Targeting PI3 Kinase". Plos One. 
    Nov 17;4(11):e7867.PMID: 19924235.
  5. 2009, Malicki, J and Kennedy B.N, 
    What drives cell morphogenesis - a look inside the vertebrate photoreceptor. 
    Dev. Dyn. Sep;238(9):2115-38. Review. PMID: 19582864
  6. 2008, Collery R, McLoughlin S, Vendrell V, Finnegan J, Crabb JW, Saari JC, Kennedy BN. 
    Duplication And Divergence Of Zebrafish CRALBP Genes Uncovers A Novel Role For RPE- And Muller-CRALBP In Cone Vision. 
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Sep;49(9):3812-20. PMID: 18502992
  7. 2008; Smyth VA, Di Lorenzo D, Kennedy BN. 
    A novel, evolutionary conserved enhancer of cone photoreceptor-specific expression. 
    J Biol Chem. 18;283(16):10881-91; [Epub ahead of print]
  8. 2007, Alvarez, Y.; Cederlund, M. L.; Cottell, D. C.; Bill, B. R.; Ekker, S. C.; Torres-Vazquez, J.; Weinstein, B. M.; Hyde, D. R.; Vihtelic, T. S.; Kennedy, B. N. 
    Genetic determinants of hyaloid and retinal vasculature in zebrafish. 
    BMC Dev Biol.  7, 114.  
  9. 2007, Kennedy, B.N.; Yolanda Alvarez; Brockerhoff, S.E.; Stearns, G.; Sapetto-Rebow, B., Taylor, M.R.; and Hurley, J.B.
    Identification Of A Zebrafish Cone-Specific Promoter And Genetic Rescue Of Achromatopsia In The nof Mutant. 
    Invest. Ophth. Vis. Sci., 48, 522-529.
  10. 2004, Kennedy, B.N., Stearns, G.W., Smyth, V.S., Ramamurthy, V, Ankoudinova, I., Van Eeden, F, Raible, D., Hurley, J.B. and Brockerhoff, S.E. 
    Zebrafish rx3 and mab21I2 Are Required During Eye Morphogenesis.
    Dev. Biol. 270, 2, 336-342.

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