EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016

With the EU Prize for Women Innovators, the European Commission wants to give public recognition to outstanding women entrepreneurs who brought their innovative ideas to the market. The aim is to inspire other women to follow in their footsteps.
» EU Prize for Women Innovators 2016

New Frontiers in Ocular Therapeutics

The UCD and the Conway Institute are organising a 1.5 day workshop in Dublin (Conway Institute, UCD) on Oct 12/13 which will bring together clinicians, academics and Pharma industry, and that will be a unique opportunity to learn about exciting recent advances in the field and discuss potential collaborations.
» New Frontiers in Ocular Therapeutics

The Picture Competition 2015 and its winners

The Picture Competition from June 10th to August 14th 2015 "The Best Photo in Vision Research and Ophthalmology" in cooperation with Heidelberg Engineering GmbH was a great success and we received many high-quality contributions from all over the world.
» The Picture Competition 2015 and its winners

Professor Brien Holden has passed away

Global leader in eye care and vision research, internationally renowned and awarded scientist, Professor Brien Holden OAM, CEO passed away last night in Sydney.
» Professor Brien Holden has passed away

Novel therapy for ABCA4-related retinal dystrophies

Modified vitamin A rescues the phenotype of the Abca4-/- mouse model for Stargardt disease
» Novel therapy for ABCA4-related retinal dystrophies

Current News

Researchers measure gait to reduce falls from glaucoma

November 20, 2015

Washington State University researchers have developed a way to carefully analyze a person's gait... [more]

The end is in sight for reading glasses

November 19, 2015

A University of Leeds researcher is developing a new eye lens, made from the same material found in... [more]

Is the first commercial gene therapy product within sight?

November 18, 2015

Highly anticipated phase III clinical trial results of Spark Therapeutics's gene therapy to treat... [more]

New drug candidate is promising therapeutic option for angiogenic retinal diseases

November 17, 2015

Research models show that a small peptide provents the overgrowth of blood vessels in the eye's... [more]

Study stops vision loss in late-stage canine X-linked retinitis pigmentosa

November 16, 2015

Three years ago, a team from the University of Pennsylvania announced that they had cured X-linked... [more]

Seeing in a new light

November 12, 2015

An animal's ability to perceive light incorporates many complex processes. [more]

Up to 1 billion people at risk of blindness by 2050

November 10, 2015

Up to 1 billion people could be at risk of blindness by the middle of the century if an emerging... [more]

Vision Research in Europe

Visionary of the Quarter

Image Prof. Pablo Artal
Prof. Pablo Artal

Point in Focus

Image Award Session 2012

Two Awards – One Message: Promoting Excellence in Ophthalmology

The laureates of the European Vision Award and the Carl Zeiss European Young Investigator Award were honoured at the EVER meeting in Nice, France.

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Research & Politics

White Book: A Vision for Horizon 2020

White Book: A Vision for Horizon 2020

"A European Strategic Roadmap for Vision Research and Ophthalmology published" - This White Book aims at convincing the major stakeholders in Europe that Vision Research and Ophthalmology is a discipline not only at the forefront of research but also at the forefront of translation of its scientific results into clinical practice.

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Young Researcher in Focus

Picture Jiri Pergner
Jiri Pergner

Read more about Jiri Pergner and his work in the field of vision research.