Vision Research in Europe

ZEISS Poster Award at the Young Researcher Vision Camp 2019

Again, the interactive poster session was a special event on this year’s Vision Camp with a broad spectrum of excellent contributions by the young researchers.
» ZEISS Poster Award at the Young Researcher Vision Camp 2019

European innovation scoreboard

The European innovation scoreboard provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they need to address.
» European innovation scoreboard

Have your say on future objectives for EU-funded research and innovation

What do you think are the most pressing challenges that EU-funded research and innovation should tackle? What are the most important impacts – scientific, technological, economic, societal – that EU-funded research and innovation should target? Now you can share your views with the European...
» Have your say on future objectives for EU-funded research and innovation

Novel mechanism of inheritance detected

Non-Mendelian, oligogenic inheritance could be an unrecognized and important element for occurrence of hereditary retinal degenerations (HRDs, comprising retinitis pigmentosa) which are caused by ultra-rare mutations and cause progressive blindness.
» Novel mechanism of inheritance detected

New UCL-Moorfields-Singapore partnership to drive eye health innovation

Pioneering eye research and world-class education are at the heart of a new partnership between Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), Moorfields and UCL.
» New UCL-Moorfields-Singapore partnership to drive eye health innovation

Brighter possibilities for treating blindness

Advances in preclinical research are now being translated into innovative clinical solutions for blindness, a review published in the 10th Anniversary Series of science Translational Medicine depicts.
» Brighter possibilities for treating blindness

Visionary of the Quarter

Young Researcher in Focus

Read more about Miguel González-Andrades and his work in the field of vision research.

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