Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

Bridging R&I Sectors in Europe and Worldwide - Promoting cross-border research and innovation in the EU: Selection of consortia to participate in staff exchanges under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
» Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

Fred Wolf receives the Mathematical Neuroscience Prize 2017

For the first time, a European researcher is awarded the world’s most highly endowed prize for groundbreaking mathematical contributions to the understanding of the brain.
» Fred Wolf receives the Mathematical Neuroscience Prize 2017

New publication on the economic impact of blindness in Europe

The purose of the publication is to estimate the annual loss of productivity from blindness and moderate to severe visual impairment (MSVI) in the population aged >50 years in the European Union (EU)
» New publication on the economic impact of blindness in ...

Investing in the European future we want

Report of the independent High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU Research & Innovation Programmes
» Investing in the European future we want

Tactile Displays for the Visually Impaired - Horizon Prizes - € 3 Million

People with visual impairment have serious difficulties in accessing digital information. Their access becomes even more problematic when the digital content is composed of graphic elements, which are particularly hard to translate. Tactile or haptic displays are the next frontier in communication, relaying texts and graphics through our sense of touch. So let them feel the internet!
» Tactile Displays for the Visually Impaired - Horizon Prizes ...

Traffic Light Pilot for Visually Impaired People

Today's smartphones are powerful enough to perform complex image processing. The idea was born to develop an innovative app to detect the red and green phases of a pedestrian lights and translating them to acoustic or tactile signals.
» Traffic Light Pilot for Visually Impaired People

Visionary of the Quarter

Young Researcher in Focus

Read more about Federica Storti and her work in the field of vision research.

Current News

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July 24, 2017

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Disfiguring eye symptoms diminish in Graves' eye disease drug trial

July 22, 2017

The disease is characterized by inflammation and a buildup of tissue around the eyes that cause... [more]

Horizon 2020 found to be meeting its objectives, but is underfunded

July 21, 2017

A new assessment of the first years of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme,... [more]

Are soft contact lenses safe for children?

July 19, 2017

Risks seem no higher than in adults [more]

Latest SME Instrument results

July 18, 2017

EU to invest €6.4 million in 129 innovative businesses [more]

There are millions of protein factories in every cell. Surprise, they’re not all the same

July 17, 2017

The plant that built your computer isn't churning out cars and toys as well. [more]

Scenarios for future research and innovation policies in Europe are presented to the Commission

July 15, 2017

Research, science and innovation are of critical importance for Europe’s performance in the world. [more]