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Why might reading make myopic?

About half of the students finishing high school in Germany are myopic. In myopia, the eye grows too long, and the focus of the image is in front of the retina. The visual scene is out of focus when people are looking at a distance. Myopia is the prize to pay for good education - statistically, one...
» Why might reading make myopic?

XVIIIth International Symposium on Retinal Degeneration

In the last decade, there has been a burst of information and insight into molecular, genetic and cellular mechanisms underlying inherited and age-related retinal degenerations.
» XVIIIth International Symposium on Retinal Degeneration

For a modern and competitive 2021-2027 EU budget

Within few months the EU Council will adopt the next Multiannual Financial Framework, which will set up the whole Union budget for 2021-27, as well as the funds allocation for each one of the main chapters, namely agriculture, cohesion and competitiveness, research and innovation.
» For a modern and competitive 2021-2027 EU budget

The Ophthalmologists Power List 2018

This is the third time we have tried to map the Top 100 most influential people in the world of ophthalmology. The list includes surgeons, scientists, engineers, CEOs and more, and each one of them has been voted for by you, our readers.
» The Ophthalmologists Power List 2018

Google’s AI Program: Building Better Algorithms for Detecting Eye Disease

Study published in the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology lays important groundwork for an automated system that can detect diabetic eye disease
» Google’s AI Program: Building Better Algorithms for Detecting Eye Disease

Visionary of the Quarter

Young Researcher in Focus

Read more about Christina Schwarz and her work in the field of vision research.

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