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Per Ekström

Per Ekström is associate professor at the Department of Ophthalmology Research, Lund University in Sweden.

Short CV

Degrees etc.:

  • Accepted as ”docent” (Assoc. Prof.) in Animal Physiology, Lund Univ., 1992.
  • PhD, Animal Physiology, Lund Univ., 1987.

Current position:

  • Researcher, Ophthalmology, Dept. Clinical Sciences, Lund Univ., 2001 and onwards.

Previous positions:

  • Reader, Animal Physiology, Lund Univ., 1995 – 2001.
  • Post-doctoral fellow, Animal Physiology, Lund Univ. 1989-1994.
  • Post-doctoral studies, Dept. Physiology and Pharmacology, Nottingham Univ., UK, 1988.

Scientifc Interest

  • Mechanisms of hereditary retinal degeneration;
  • Neuronal cell death mechanisms;
  • Neuroprotection in hereditary retinal degeneration


  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
  • The Society for Neuroscience (SFN)
Per Ekström
Per Ekström

Research Group

Per Ekström


Ophthalmology, Dept. Clinical  Sciences, Lund

Per Ekström
SE-221 84 Lund

Phone: +46 46 222 0766
Fax: +46 46 222 0774

Email: Per.Ekstrom[at]

Website: Lund University (swedish)

Key Publications

  1. Kaur J, Mencl S, Sahaboglu A, Farinelli P, van Veen T, Zrenner E, Ekström P, Paquet-Durand F, Arango-Gonzalez B (2011). 
    Calpain and PARP activation during photoreceptor cell death in P23H and S334ter rhodopsin mutant rats. 
    PLoS One 6;e22181.
  2. Paquet-Durand F, Sanges D, McCall J, Silva J, van Veen T, Marigo V, Ekström P (2010). 
    Photoreceptor rescue and toxicity induced by different calpain inhibitors.
    Journal of Neurochemistry, 115:930-940.
  3. Sancho-Pelluz J, Alavi MV, Sahaboglu A, Stefan Kustermann S, Farinelli P, Azadi S, van Veen T, Romero FJ, Paquet-Durand F, Ekström P (2010).
    Excessive HDAC activation is critical for neurodegeneration in the rd1 mouse.
    Cell Death and Disease, E-published Feb 11.
  4. Englund-Johansson U, Mohlin C, Liljekvist-Soltic I, Ekström P, Johansson K (2010).
    Human neural progenitor cells promote photoreceptor survival in retinal explants.
    Experimental Eye Research, 90:292-299.
  5. Paquet-Durand F, Hauck SM, van Veen T, Ueffing M, Ekström P (2009).
    PKG activity causes photoreceptor cell death in two retinitis pigmentosa models.
    Journal of Neurochemistry, 108:796-810.
  6. Sancho-Pelluz J, Arango-Gonzalez B, Kustermann S, Romero FJ, van Veen T, Zrenner E, Ekström P, Paquet-Durand F (2008).
    Photoreceptor cell death mechanisms in inherited retinal degeneration.
    Molecular Neurobiology, 38:253-269.
  7. Hauck SM, Gloeckner CJ, Harley ME, Schoeffmann S, Boldt K, Ekstrom PA, Ueffing M (2008). 
    Identification of paracrine neuroprotective candidate proteins by a functional assay-driven proteomics approach. 
    Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 7:1349-1361.
  8. Paquet-Durand F, Johnson L, Ekström PAR (2007). 
    Calpain activity in retinal degeneration. 
    Journal of Neuroscience Research, 85:693-702.
  9. Paquet-Durand F, Silva J, Talukdar T, Johnson LE, Azadi S, van Veen T, Ueffing M, Hauck SM, Ekström PA (2007). 
    Excessive activation of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase contributes to inherited photoreceptor degeneration in the retinal degeneration 1 mouse. 
    Journal of Neuroscience, 27:10311-10319.
  10. Miranda-Sanz M, Johnson L, Ahuja S, Ekström PAR, Romero JF, van Veen T. (2007). 
    Significant photoreceptor rescue by treatment with a combination of anti-oxidants in an animal model for retinal degeneration. 
    Neuroscience, 145:1120-1129.
  11. Azadi S, Johnson L, Paquet-Durand F, Perez MTR, Zhang Y, Ekström P, van Veen T. (2007).
    CNTF + BDNF treatment and neuroprotective pathways in the rd1 mouse retina.
    Brain Research, 1129:116-129.
  12. Azadi S, Paquet-Durand F, Medstrand P, van Veen T, Ekström P (2006).
    Up-regulation and increased phosphorylation of protein kinase C (PKC) δ, μ and θ in the degenerating rd1 mouse retina.
    Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 31:759-773.
  13. Paquet-Durand F, Azadi S, Hauck SM, Ueffing M, van Veen T, Ekström P (2006).
    Calpain is activated in degenerating photoreceptors in the rd1-retina.
    Journal of Neurochemistry, 96:802-814.
  14. Hauck SM1, Ekström PAR1, Ahuja-Jensen P, Suppmann S, Paquet-Durand F, van Veen T, Ueffing M (2006).
    Differential modification of phosducin protein in degenerating rd1 retina is associated with constitutively active CaMKII in rod outer segments.
    Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 5:324-336. (1= shared first authorship)
  15. Johnson L, van Veen T, Ekström PAR (2005).
    Differential Akt activation in the photoreceptors of normal and rd1 mice.
    Cell and Tissue Research, 320:213-222.

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