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Retinal Regeneration

The focus of our work is the development of cell-based strategies for the treatment of retinal degenerations characterised by photoreceptor loss.

Methods for the efficient generation of transplantable cells from in vitro expandable cell sources, enrichment of donor cells, and transplantation into mouse models of retinal degeneration are investigated with the goal to replace degenerated photoreceptors.


  • Mouse models of retinal degeneration,
  • cell culture,
  • stem cells,
  • subretinal & vitreal transplantation,
  • electroretinography,
  • molecular biology,
  • immunocyto/histochemistry

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1
    Udo Bartsch, University of Hamburg
  • Cooperation 2
    Jane Farrar, Trinity College Dublin
  • Cooperation 3
    Elly Tanaka, CRTD, Dresden
  • Cooperation 4
    Denis Corbeil, Bioz, Dresden

Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    Transplantation of photoreceptors into mouse models of retinal degeneration
  • Project 2:
    Analysis of retinal stem cells in vitro and after transplantation in vivo

Group Leader

Marius Ader
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Technische Universität Dresden

Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD)
c/o Medizinisch Theoretisches Zentrum (MTZ)

Fiedlerstrasse 42
01307 Dresden

Phone: +49 (0)351-458 6093
Fax: +49 (0)351-458 6331



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