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Aalen Mobility Perception & Exploration Lab (AMPEL)

The aim of AMPEL is to evaluate the dynamic, cross-modal explorative capacity by tracking eye, head and body movements and additional auditory/vestibular parameters regarding positional and directional input.

More than 90% of the environmental input is processed by the visual and auditory/vestibular sensory system. Impairment of related sensory organs have critical impact on orientation,ability to work and activities of daily living. The related results shall indicate how sensory impairment is compensated or how attention is guided towards relevant objects in order to perform adequately and efficiently. AMPEL provides two separate great research environments (area more than 170 m²) with complete shading, lighting control, large-area window, various high-resolution visual and acousting stimulation systems and separate rooms for control and evaluation and server units. The examination rooms can be variably equipped with (curved) screens, projection units, ultra-high (curved) screens, vehicles, shopping shelves, a cupola for examining eye hand co-ordination, experimental setups for quantification of stereoscopic resolution, obstacle courses. Mobile devices allow for time-coded tracking/recording and automated evaluation of eye, head and body position in space.

The Virtual Reality Lab is equipped with a driving simulator containing two ZEISS VELVET projection units and an AUDI A4.

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