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A new edition of the European Vision Institute - Special Interest Focus Group successful implemented.

The title of the recent EVI-SIG edition from 16. – 17. May 2019 in Cologne was “New Technologies for Outcome Measures in Cornea and Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency”

The European Vision Institute - Special Interest Focus Group was supported by ROCHE

European Vision Institute - Special Interest Focus Group Meeting, May 2019 in Cologne, Germany

An exciting meeting with a close interaction of world-known experts took place at the University Eye Hospital in Cologne, Germany. The topic on Dry eye/Ocular surface inflammation was introduced by Pedram Hamrah, Boston, USA with a talk to "Corneal nerve imaging and quantification in pain, dry eye and inflammation and their pathophysiologic relevance",followed by Philipp Steven, Cologne, Germany to the topic “Importance of dry-eye symptom assessment in clinical trials”. Further speakers were Olivia O’Leary, Basel, Switzerland: "Molecular profiling of dry eye disease stage and establishment of ex vivo human corneal model of dry eye disease" and Christoph Ullmer, Basel, Switzerland to the topic "Challenges of drug development".

The second day was dedicated to Imaging and Neovascularization

The day started with the talk by Leopold Schmetterer, from Singapore to the topic:"AS-OCT in corneal and ocular surface disease" followed by "Software tools for objective analysis of anterior-segment image data" by Jens Horstmann, Cologne in Germany.

Five talks were dedicated to Cornea Grafting/Stem cell and cell transplantation.

The start was made with the title “Morphometry of corneal HA/LA as surrogate marker for graft rejection in high-risk keratoplasty” by Claus Cursiefen and Felix Bock, both from Cologne, Germany. Thereafter Katrin Wacker, Freiburg, Germany reported on “Patient-Reported Visual Disability in Fuchs' Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy Measured by the Visual Function and Corneal Health Status Instrument”.

The three last talks were: “Endpoints in limbal stem cell transplantation and ABCB5 positive LESC for clinical trials” by Christoph Ganss, Andreas Kluth, Heidelberg, and Maria Notara, London, UK. “LEC growth on recombinant collagen membranes” by Michel Haagdorens, Antwerp, Belgium and “Clinical endpoints in Endothelial Keratoplasty” by R.M.M.A. Nuijts, from Maastricht in the Netherlands.