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MyEuropia – The Dancing Chickens

On 3rd July, Ling Wang, a former fellow of the FP6 Research Training Network MyEuropia, attended the Marie Curie Actions Conference held in Brussels at the Flagey Theatre. Interestingly, the work of MyEuropia, especially the experiments on the development of chicken myopia, was selected to be presented by professional dancers in the conference. The choreographer John Bohannon sent Ling Wang an email to tell his interest in his work and let him provide some background. Through that, more Marie Curie fellows from diverse fields know about MyEuropia. Please find the video in the link below.

MyEuropia brought together a major part of the European expertise in myopia research. Given the increasing importance of myopia in the industrialized countries, a more bundled approach was necessary and timely. MyEuropia unified three major approaches to arrest myopia development

  1. changing spectacle lens design
  2. identifying gene loci that are linked to myopia development
  3. investigating the biochemical signalling cascade from the retina to the sclera that controls axial eye growth and testing its pharmacological intervention.


is a Research Training Network (RTN) funded through the European Union Research Programm (FP 6) MRTN-CT-2006-034021