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Abstracts and Posters

Download the complete Vision Camp abstract booklet as a PDF-file [11.8 MByte]. The overview of the accepted posters is also available as a PDF-document, [88 kByte]

The Vision Camp Poster Awards 2010

First Place: Michaela Fuchs
First Place: Michaela Fuchs
Second Place: Daniela Petrova
Second Place: Daniela Petrova
Second Place: Sven Schnichels
Second Place: Sven Schnichels

Accepted Posters

Authors Title
M. Miranda, R. Álvarez-Nölting, J.M. Genoves, E. Arnal, F. Bosch-Morell, F.J. Romero Changes In The ERG Of STZ Induced Diabetic Rats And Its Utility To Detect Other Cerebral Alterations
E Arnal, S Johnsen-Soriano, L Gómez, D Martínez, C Peris, FJ Romero Keratoconus Affects To Corneal Antioxidant Capacity And Nitric Oxide Concentration
J. Atorf and J. Kremers Electrophysiological measurements in DBA/2J mice as an animal model for glaucoma: The long term influence of memantine
Sukirthini Balendran, Bernd Wissinger, Simone Schimpf-Linzenbold Discovery of allelic expression differences in retinal (disease) genes
Neda Barzegar-Befroei, Jane Flinn, Grtechen Knaack, Christer Hogstrand and Imre Lengyel Gene expression changes in aged rat eyes following oral zinc supplementation
Christina Eberhardt, Barbara Amann, Stefanie M. Hauck, Cornelia A. Deeg Mueller glial cells in autoimmune uveitis Altered expression of potassium channel Kir 4.1 and Aquaporin 4 protein
Dominic Eberle, Thomas Kurth, Marius Ader Ultrastructural analysis of photoreceptor outer segments using rhoGFP transgenic mice
Michaela Fuchs, Johann Helmut Brandstätter Examining the molecular basis of light adaptation at the photoreceptor ribbon synapse
Ashraf Gango, Sabrina Cahyadi, Zhi-Hong Chi, Zhan-You Wang Tunde Peto and Imre Lengyel Bruch’s membrane changes in the APP/PS1 transgenic mice model of Alzheimer’s disease
Gergely Halász, Viktória Doma, Arnold Szabó, Ákos Lukáts Development of M/L-cones in organotypic retinal cultures of Syrian golden hamster and Norwegian rat
Konstantin Lutz, Martin Gerdes, Sabine Geuder, Sabrina Hangen, Jessica Klemmer, Carina Renner, Sophia Walter, Sophie P. Watz, Johanna K. Zipplies, Cornelia A. Deeg  and Stefanie M. Hauck From bench to scientific poster: Classical proteomics in autoimmune uveitis –an undergraduate training program
Peter Heiduschka, Sylvie Julien, Focke Ziemssen, Anna Günther, Sigrid Schultheiß and Ulrich Schraermeyer Degenerating photoreceptors in the RCS rat can be rescued by an AAV2/4-RPE65-Mertk vector
Hernandez-Pinto, A.M.; Gomez-Vicente, V. and de la Rosa, E. J. Proinsulin: A putative novel therapy for retinal degenerations.
Ivanova O.N., Drozhzhina G.I Soft contact lenses as a basis for the cultivation of the fetal fibroblasts.
Nicole Körber, Qing Liu, Christian Koch, Katrin Günter, Peter Wiedemann, Andreas Reichenbach, Hans Peter Iseli and Mike Francke Blue light collagen cross linking to treat progressive myopia
Roxane L. Kramer, Stefanie M. Hauck, Barbara Amann, Marius Ueffing, Cornelia A. Deeg Decreased Ezrin Expression in Peripheral Blood-derived Lymphocytes of Horses with Spontaneous Recurrent Uveitis
Ah-Lai Law, Clare E Futter, Matthew J Hayes, Stephen E Moss Annexin 2 is a new component of the RPE phagocytic machinery
Judith Lechner, Prof Anne Hughes, Mr Colin Willoughby Genetic determinates of Keratoconus identified with SNP mapping
Marangoni D, Colotto A, Salgarello T, Stifano G, Parisi V, Riva Ce, Campos Ec, Falsini B Choroidal blood flow and retinal ganglion cell function in early glaucoma
Stine Mencl, Dragana Trifunovic, Stefan Kustermann, Francois Paquet-Durand Study photoreceptors without a retina: Cone-like 661W cells in a neuroprotection screening system
Mockel Anaïs, Schlicht Dominique,, Dollfus Hélène, Marion Vincent BBS12 knock down induces photoreceptor cells apoptosis mediated by Endoplasmic Reticulum stress and PERK activation
Dorota Muszynska, Dr David Simpson, Mr Colin Willoughby The genetic basis of keratoconus (KTCN) can be determined with gene expression profiling.
Nowakowski T.J., Pratt T., Price D.J. Role of endogenous Dicer dependent processes in the development of mouse retina and telencephalon
Eran Ohel, David Rosenblatt, Stanley Rotman , Dan Blumberg Retinal Tissue Oxygenation Mapping Based on Multispectral Images
G. Pangeni, J. Kremers A New Interpretation of Components in the ERG Signals to Sine Wave Luminance Stimuli at Different Temporal Frequencies and Contrasts
Bhavika Patel, Sabrina Cahyadi, Meihua Ju and Imre Lengyel Effect of zinc on fenestra formation in cultured endothelial cells
Karim Chekroud, Laurent Guillou, Emilie Brun, Gilles Ducharme, Christian Hamel, Philippe Brabet, Marie O. Pequignot FATP1 and Vision
D. Petrova, G. B. Henning, A. Stockman Hue changes of amplitude-modulated flicker used to dissect visual pathways into early and late stages
Daniel L. Rathbun, Thomas Euler Toward a MEA-based assay of retinal function in the mouse.
K. Schaeferhoff, S. Michalakis, N. Rieger, B. Wissinger, M. Biel, O.Riess, M. Bonin Expression profiling of the Cpfl1 mouse – a mouse model of cone dystrophies
Sven Schnichels, Peter Heiduschka & Sylvie Julien Ocurrance and importance of RGMA in the degeneration and regeneration of the crushed rat optic nerve
U. Schumann, R.H.W. Funk, M. Ader, C. Roehlecke Blue Light-Induced Damage in Photoreceptors
Hartwig Seitter, Antonella Pirone, Jutta Engel, Marlies Knipper, Thomas Münch Characterization of Mouse Mutants of ?2?-3, an Accessory Subunit of Voltage-gated Calcium Channels
Shah AH, Patel KV,Gandhi TR To evaluate the effect of CYP450 modulators in diabetic cataractogenic rats
Joachim Taeger, Peggy Reuter, Katja Koeppen and Bernd Wissinger Identification of chemical compounds suitable to improve surface expression of trafficking deficient mutant CNGA3 channels using a calcium imaging based bioassay
T.A. Kamalden, A. Bron & N.N. Osborne Rotenone is similar but not identical to light-induced apoptosis in RGC-5 cells, and is attenuated by two green tea flavonoids.
Alexandra Tikidji-Hamburyan, Thomas Münch A model of the mouse cone photoreceptor
B. Usai, L. Dai, A. Brombas, D. Kaschuba, M. Mank, O. Griesbeck, F. Müller Optical and electrophysiological recordings of synaptic input to retinal gangilion cells of transgenic mice expressing the genetically encoded calcium sensor TN-L15
G. Venturini , S. Uffer , L. Zografos , C. Rivolta , A.P. Moulin Molecular analysis of the PTEN GENE in a CHOROIDAL SCHWANNOMA in the context of a HAMARTOMATOUS SYNDROME
Anna Wawrocka, Maciej R. Krawczy?ski Searching for mutations in OPA1 gene in Polish patients with Autosomal Dominat Optic Atrophy.
Zhijian Zhao, Frank Müller Modulation of cGMP synthesis in the mouse retina by endogenously released and by exogenously applied nitric oxide.
M. Zieger and P. Ahnelt Distribution of somatostatin-immunoreactive cells in the neural retina of selected mammalian species
J. K. Zipplies, S. Hirmer, S.M. Hauck, C.A. Deeg IgG and IgM anti retinal antibody patterns in an animal model for spontaneous autoimmune uveitis
Rahel Zulliger, Sylvie Eigeldinger-Berthou, Stéphanie Lecaudé, Ute E. Wolf-Schnurrbusch, Volker Enzmann Two pharmacological animal models of retinal degeneration: their impact on function, morphology and induction of cell death in the retina

Abstract Submission

The deadline for the submission of the abstracts of the Young Researcher Vision Camp was May, 15th.