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Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery

A Karl Landsteiner Institute

Research focus is on anterior segment surgery with an emphasis on IOL design and material effects on refractive predictability, posterior capsule opacification performance and visual function. The institute is attempting to balance the number of sponsored and investigator-driven trials.


  • Partial coherence interferometry for ACD measurement,
  • Purkinjemeter,
  • retroillumination-photography,
  • laser flare-cell measurement,
  • and others

Scientific Cooperations

  • Pablo Artal, Murcia, Spain
  • Wolfgang Drexler, Biomedical Research, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Group Leader

Oliver Findl
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Hanusch Krankenhaus

Heinrich-Collin-Strasse 30
A-1140 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 91021-84611
Fax: +43 1 91021-84619


Current Research Projects

  • Evaluation of rotational stability of toric IOLs using a dedicated photographic setup
  • Measurement of IOL centration and tilt using optical means
  • Enhancing refractive outcomes and visual function using corneal tomography for pre-operative power calculation and surgical planning
  • Effect of a novel IOL optic surface modification on flare and cells after cataract surgery in eyes with PXF and diabetic retinopathy
  • Assessment of a novel viscoelastic device for deep sclerectomy

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