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Laboratorio De Optica (LOUM)

The "Laboratorio de Optica" at Murcia University (LOUM) is a research group working in visual optics, adaptive optics and biomedical optics.  The lab is a world leader in the studies of the optics of the human eye, and developing new instrument to be used in Vision research and Ophthalmology.


  • Advanced optical methods
  • Visual testing
  • Instrumentation

Scientific Cooperations

  • Cooperation 1:
    Schaeffel, Tubingem Germany
  • Cooperation 2:
    Williams, Rochester, USA
  • Cooperation 3:
    AMO, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Cooperation 4:
    Calhoun Vision, Pasadena, USA
  • Cooperation 5:
    Spanish network of Visual Optics (Acosta, Marcos, Jimenez, Pujol)

Current Research Projects

  • Project 1:
    Adaptive optics for Vision and ophthalmology
  • Project 2:
    Instrumentation for ophthalmology
  • Project 3:
    Clinical visual optics (IOLs and refractive surgery)
  • Project 4
    Ultrafast laser for biomedicine
  • Project 5:
    Optical properties of the eye

Group Leader

Pablo Artal
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Universidad De Murcia

Ed. CiOyN
Campus de Espinardo
30071 Murcia

Phone: +34-968367224
Fax-: +34-968367667



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