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Cutting-edge science and party fits together

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Young researchers and scientists (PhD students, MDs and young postdocs) from 14 countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, France and Germany) attended the Young Researcher Vision Camp 2015. This benchmarks a new record and underpins the importance of this very special meeting format.

The Voices to the Vision Camp

The participants of the Young Researcher Vision Camp 2015 at Castle Wildenstein
image vision camp 2015 group photo

To present excellent scientific results and enjoy a unique party-feeling fits very well together as proven again by this year’s Young Researcher Vision Camp 2015.

The best feedback is always the appraisal by the participants – The Voices to the Vision Camp:

“To sum it up: It was an awesome camp at castle Wildenstein…” [ND]

“The Vision Camp was an amazing experience. I especially liked the poster session to see what other PhD students are doing and to have the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe.”[KF]

“… I enjoyed the time at the castle with this international crowd. The scientific sessions were very good and I enjoyed to get in touch with any kind of aspects regarding vision.” [MK]

“The broad range of interesting topics covered, the supportive yet enthusiastic atmosphere and the beautiful location resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.” [KB]

“Superb!” [AS]

“It was a weekend full of presentations about a lot of different areas within the eye research field. … The poster session was nice as was the accommodation. The idea of a very old castle is nice as was the service by the personal. I have met a lot of nice people! Thank you for the interesting weekend!” [CK]

„… it was enriching to attend this meeting, because there were lots of interesting young people from different countries, with different research subjects, and who had attended completely different kinds of training in the past!” [EVD]

“… it was a very nice weekend. The castle is a great location! It was great that the talks were almost exclusively given by PhD students. … Furthermore, the food was very good!” [SB]

“…it as an experience that gave a broader view of the current research in vision.” [KS]

“…a really great time. I loved the environment, the friendly and perspective youth!“ [RS]

“Even though the location was far away from everything – it was the most perfect location. Great with no wifi connection, which lead to more discussion among the participants.” [MH]