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Foundation Fighting Blindness Announces $6M in New Funding for Inherited Retinal Disease Research

The Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) today announced $6 million in new research funding across a spectrum of potential preventions, treatments and cures for inherited retinal diseases including retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.  With this new funding, FFB now supports 101 research projects conducted by over 150 investigators at 61 institutions worldwide.

“FFB is very pleased to announce the grantees for this year’s research funding,” said Stephen Rose, PhD, FFB’s chief research officer.  Funding scientifically sound and innovative research is central to our mission to find treatments and cures for inherited retinal diseases.  Importantly, the awards to young clinician-scientists include mentoring and expert guidance from leaders in the established vision science community to move investigations and discoveries forward and ensure that the most promising enter clinical trials,” Rose said.

FFB research awards provide support within four major grant programs: the Alan Laties Career Development Award Program including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-FFB Medical Fellows Program and the Diana Davis Spencer Clinical Research Fellowship program; the FFB Individual Investigator Research Awards program, FFB Project Awards program; and the Gund-Harrington Scholar Awards.

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